War of words returns after Lotus Formula One hearing

Both sides in the fight to use the Lotus name in Formula One have claimed a moral victory following Monday's summary hearing.

Mr Justice Peter Smith declared a full trial in the High Court, fast-tracked for March 21, as Hingham-based Team Lotus and Hethel-based Group Lotus try to get a number of conflicts resolved.

Team Lotus are arguing their original Lotus Racing licence should not have been revoked by Group Lotus, and they are allowed to run as Team Lotus from 2011 – which Group Lotus disputes.

Team Lotus, owned by Malaysian businessman Tony Fernandes, were first to comment last Monday night, stating they were 'delighted we were successful' at the day's summary hearing, and that the judge 'threw out' Group Lotus' arguments for Team Lotus' case to be dismissed before hearing the barristers' arguments.

However, Proton-owned Group Lotus – who will sponsor the ex-Renault team from this season – responded on Tuesday afternoon.

'It is completely incorrect and a misrepresentation of the judge's decision suggesting that Group Lotus' application was 'thrown out,' read their own statement.

Both sides claimed to be 'delighted' with Monday's outcome – although in court, neither side seemed particularly keen on a full trial date almost a year earlier than was expected.