Video: Liam Walsh says boxing brother Ryan ‘the dark horse’ just needs big break

Liam Walsh's world title challenge preparations will take a back seat – if only for a short while – tonight when he takes up his position in the corner as brothers Ryan and Michael take the boxing spotlight.

It's Ryan who is top of the bill at the Norfolk Showground this time, with a British Masters super-featherweight fight against Scotsman Ronnie Clark. Michael's turn was in September, when he beat George Gachechiladze to win the International Masters super-bantamweight belt.

It is, says twin Liam, the least Ryan deserves. Ask Liam to run the rule over his brothers and there are two very different answers.

Michael is explosive, unpredictable, the sort of fighter who will have the crowd on its feet roaring its approval – and might possibly have the boxing purists growling.

But he is an entertainer. Last time out he was on the canvas before roaring back to dump Gachechiladze on his backside twice. There was no second round.

Ryan is an altogether different beast: calculated, not satisfied unless he does everything by the book.

His destruction of Mikheil Gogebashvili was over inside a round, three jack-hammer punches sending him down each time. It took his record to 14 straights wins – and Liam is convinced his skills haven't yet been appreciated by a wider audience.

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"Ryan is ready for the best, he is up there with the best," says Liam.

"He is just waiting for the time to prove it and when his time does come people will be shocked with Ryan. He has gone well under the radar.

"Sometimes some of his fights haven't been the most entertaining in the world, but that's because they have been one-sided, because he is that good a boxer.

"Sometimes it looks a boring fight because he has outboxed the other fighter and that's that and people want to see blood and guts like Michael. Michael's style will get you so far and Ryan's will get you so far, and Ryan will get to the top, definitely. He just needs the break and when he gets it you will see Ryan is the dark horse out of us lot, definitely. He is technically the best out of the three of us. He just needs a break and everyone will see what Ryan is about – a very good fighter."

While Ryan was winning last time, Michael, fully kitted out except for gloves, was at ringside – just minutes before he stepped through the ropes to take his own record to nine wins out of nine fights, none of which has gone to the final bell. "He won't miss it," says Liam. "I think I would have watched it from the back of the room, but he has to be close – he does it his way, but that's Michael all over."

The Farmy Army wouldn't have it any other way: Michael Walsh is his own show. "I don't really know what to say," says Liam, with a smile.

"When Michael fights, you see me coming into the ring with him, I am half laughing, smiling, because I'm thinking, 'anything could happen here, literally anything'. He is entertaining and he is good to watch. Nothing would shock me – and he lays it all on the line, he comes to knock the other man out and in the process he leaves himself open to be knocked down."

Mervyn Turner, of Shamrock Boxing Promotions, is fulfilling his promise to come back to Norwich to give local fighters a stage – and as well as the Walsh brothers and former Commonwealth heavyweight champion Sam Sexton, the promising Nathan Dale is back, looking for his seventh win on the trot as a professional. The popular Scott Moises fights and there is a debut for Norwich-based lightweight Joe Payne, from Beccles. Chatteris' Jordan Gill and Bobby George, from Luton, also feature, but Norwich light-heavyweight Danny McIntosh has pulled out.