Top 10 for City of Norwich Athletics Club teams

City of Norwich Athletics Club put out two solid teams at the National Road Relays at Sutton Park, Birmingham.

The event incorporated the South East of England Championships, which had been postponed earlier this year, and although some of the club's top athletes were missing, they came away with good results and were rewarded with both ladies and men's teams finishing well inside the top 10 in the Southern Championships.

The men's event comprised 12 stages, half run over a three-mile course and half over a five-mile course. There were more than 70 teams taking part. Alex Dunbar led the team out over the first longer stage and finished well up in eighth position in a time of 26.43 which meant he was inside the top-20 fastest finishers on the longer stage on the day. Tom Hook moved the team up to sixth position on the first of the shorter stages in a very respectable 15.03. The team worked hard over the next 10 stages to finish in 17th position. Time were: Nicholas Earl 28:09, Wayne Lincoln 16:07, Stu Huntington 15:58, Piers Arnold 27:48, Sean Watson 16:35, Luke Allen 29:05, James Berehowsky 16:14, Rick Ward 28:50 and Jordan Ali 16:35.

Their result put them seventh in the Southern Championships.

The ladies, after six short stages, finished 14th overall out of the 50 teams taking part and were sixth in the Southern Championships. Iona Lake went off first and put the team into 15th position (17.23). Kelly Rushton (17.20) improved the team position to eighth and Ellie Matthews (17.16) moved them higher to sixth. Dani Nimmock (17.55), Juliet Broster (19.07) and Esther Hope (20.37) all worked hard over the final stages but the team had to settle for a finishing position further down the field.

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