Tony Fernandes confident over his big plan for Team Lotus and co

A points finish in 2011 would be a dream for Tony Fernandes, as he plans to turn both Team Lotus and his other sporting interest into profitable and successful businesses.

Far from worried about spreading his efforts too thin, the Air Asia founder is confident he has picked the right time to ensure Hingham's Formula One outfit will become a force to be reckoned with.

And all that, on top his latest sporting project – establishing Premier League newcomers Queens Park Rangers in similar style.

'We are working very hard behind the scenes to put all the pieces in place for the next phase of our growth,' said Fernandes of Team Lotus. 'But the team is working equally hard under intense pressure at the races and back at the factory and it makes me very proud to see how far they have already come.

'The icing on the cake now would be a point. Perhaps we can record our first points finish this year. That really would be daring to dream.'

He added: 'I started an airline with 25 cents, which is now worth almost four billion dollars. So it's about taking a business, like the F1 team or football club, making it cash positive and running it as a business.

'There are some guys in Formula One who run their team for their car business, and we are developing it as a car business as well with the promotion of Caterham.

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'So it is a business, not the black hole of Calcutta. The football team can also be a business, and should be a business.

'I'm not saying there is anything special about me, but not many people have made an airline as profitable as I have. We think we have been able to build and run businesses properly, and I'm fairly confident.

'Toyota spent God knows how many millions, and I'm sure within two years we'll be as good as Toyota having spent maybe a tenth of what they did.

'The days of free spending are coming to an end anyway. Everyone is looking at costs, costs, costs, so the timing is good.

'And with football, some of the players we've bought would have cost a lot more three years ago. There is some sensibility coming into football as well, even though I know we have the likes of Manchester City and Chelsea.'