Threat of wind causes dinghies to steer clear of Oulton Broad

The weather on Oulton Broad was somewhat better than had been forecast on Sunday as the rain stayed away, and although there was plenty of wind there were few capsizes.

But the very threat of wind kept down the number of dinghies and there were only five starters. Nick Favell, sailing his Phantom, held second place on the water behind Richard Fryer's RS400, but on handicap they exchanged places while Alan Cone took third in his Laser.

The nine Squibs got well spread out and there was no place changing after the first mark. Jim Tubby led throughout, followed by Bryan Riley and David Gooch.

Once again there were just two starters in the Slow Handicap and both races had the same results. Joe Drake, sailing his Topper, beat Bethany Hood twice on the water, but each time it was not by a big enough distance and Bethany took two firsts on handicap. Richard Fryer had a good lead over Nick Favell in the second Fast Handicap race, but again it was not good enough to save his time on handicap while Flip Foulds in her RS200 had the misfortune to capsize and then get run over by a Squib, causing damage to her rigging.

Jimmy Tubby and Bryan Riley had a very good race in the second Squibs. Riley had a slight advantage down wind while Tubby was able to drive harder up wind and there were some interesting incidents at the marks, but at the finish Tubby had the advantage. Nick Faulkner took third place.

The annual Boxing Day race for the Jonathon House Memorial Trophy was held in ideal conditions with a good westerly wind and bright sunshine and a big fleet of 22 boats, ranging from Squibs to little RS Teras took part.

David and Gary Fryer were soon into their stride in their RS400 and steadily pulled away from the fleet to finish first. Behind them in fifth place were Bryan, Jenny and Emily Riley, sailing their Squib, and the little extra weight they carried with three up helped them to go very fast to windward. In between them in third place was Nick Favell in his Phantom and on handicap these three took the top places as the Rileys moved up to win by almost a minute.

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The Fryers dropped to second while Favell stayed in third. Just to keep it in the family Tim Riley borrowed a Squib to take fourth place.

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