The true cost of supporting Canaries

A new survey claims Norwich City fans will spend more than £1,500 following the Canaries around the country this season - and travel almost 4,000 miles in the process.

A new survey claims Norwich City fans will spend more than £1,500 following the Canaries around the country this season - and travel almost 4,000 miles in the process.

City fans will travel a whopping 3,865 miles travelling to all 23 away games - but they have a way to go to catch top of the travel league Plymouth fans who will clock up a staggering 6,056 miles over the season.

According to online insurance brokers - based in Peterborough - the average football fan will spend more than £70 when travelling away to watch their team:

Petrol (average 150 miles per trip) - £25.00

Tickets - £30.00

Programme - £3.00

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Refreshments (beers, pies, etc.) - £10.00

Pre-match bet - £5.00

Plus the wear and tear of extra miles on their cars.

It's a subject close to the heart for the company managing director and avid Canaries fan Jeremy Moll.

“It's amazing to see how much money the average football fan spends following their favourite team, not just at home, but also for away trips, but many continue to do so ensuring they support their team regardless of expense,” he said.

“In a similar way to consumers' spending habits when buying motor insurance, many people are aware they are spending vast sums of cash, but simply choose to ignore the fact they could be saving more money.

“There are various ways of reducing some of these travel costs, such as car sharing, avoiding expensive motorway petrol stations, and of course shopping around for the best deals on car insurance to cover any away day mishaps!”

Moll, who lives in Stamford, has followed City home and away for more than 30 years, having originally caught the Carrow Road-bug after going to a game with his father during the Ron Saunders era that saw the team promoted to the top division for the first time.

“I've supported City since I was a kid because they were my local team and my dad used to go to most games,” he said. “I remember the first match I went to, as it was during the Saunders era when we were on the verge of promotion to the First Division.

“It was a fantastic atmosphere and I really caught the bug, so much so, for the past few years I've been travelling to home and away games as much as possible.

“I dread to think how much money I spend and how many miles I clock up each year, but it's something I really enjoy and something my eldest daughter is getting into as well. It also gets me out of shopping on a Saturday afternoon, which is an added bonus.”

For those fans who are regular away day travellers, here's what else they could get for their money:

A Playstation 3 for you and a mate with footy games

One eightieth of Michael Owen's weekly salary

Pair of Predator football boots for two teams and the matchday officials

Twenty tickets to England's games at the World Cup earlier this summer

Full list of Championship Miles

(23 away games each):

Plymouth Argyle 6,056

Sunderland 5,114

Cardiff City 4,272

Southampton 4,027

Norwich City 3,865

Ipswich Town 3,728

Preston North End 3,699

Southend United 3,699

Hull City 3,651

Colchester United 3,619

Burnley 3,565

Crystal Palace 3,398

Leeds United 3,213

QPR 3,188

Barnsley 2,979

Stoke City 2,827

Luton Town 2,825

Sheffield Wednesday 2,825

Wolves 2,578

West Bromwich Albion 2,548

Derby County 2,526

Leicester City 2,438

Coventry City 2,436

Birmingham City 2,406

Total: 81,482

Average: 3,395