Teamwork is the dreamwork for King’s Lynn Stars’ captain fantastic Mads Korneliussen

King's Lynn Stars skipper Mads Korneliussen. Picture: Ian Burt

King's Lynn Stars skipper Mads Korneliussen. Picture: Ian Burt - Credit: IAN BURT

Mads Korneliussen believes a united King's Lynn Stars side will be much easier to skipper this season.

The popular Dane will captain Lynn for a second campaign in a row after being voted into the role again by his own team–mates at a recent team meeting.

The 29-year-old, who is keen to improve on his own 2012 form, especially at the Norfolk Arena, expects his role to less difficult this term thanks to a greater team ethos being displayed already by those set to wear the Stars' colours in 2013.

Korneliussen said: 'We had a vote for captain and I got voted in, which was pretty cool. It's not just Rob (Lyon, team boss) saying he wants me to be captain, so I'm pretty happy. I feel proud.

'I enjoyed it last year but it was a hell of a job because we had some people in the side who couldn't really get on. There were too many cliques. Everyone just gets on here, taking the mick out of each other and stuff. Hopefully the crowd will like me back as captain as well.

'I'll enjoy it more because it's going to be easier. We've all agreed that we're going to up our game and put points on our average. Nobody is going to be sacked so we won't have any changes in our team, hopefully, because last year we had too many changes in the team and it was hard to get a team spirit going as we didn't know who would be there from week-to-week. This year will be a lot easier and great fun.

'We've really got some team players in now. The first time we all met together, at Tomas Topinka's meeting, we got off on the right foot. We had fun on the track walk, helped each other really well, and everybody's gelling. I can't remember a team bonding day being as fun as it was last week.'

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Korneliussen, along with fellow Dane Niels-Kristian Iversen, are the only two riders to keep their place from the Stars' 2012 team which struggled to a 7th-placed finish last time round.

The pair are hoping to help spearhead an Elite League play-off push this term and Lynn's captain is happy his fellow countryman, and friend, Nicolai Klindt is on board to help them.

Korneliussen joked: 'Nicolai doesn't need to be taken under any wing – he's out of reach! But he's a good kid and he rides the bike really well. I think he's had some bad seasons with injuries and he's been a bit scared but now he's confident again.

'He wants to ride King's Lynn, it's a place he adores, and hopefully I can help bring him back to being as good as we all know he can be. As for Niels. If he can just keep up his form from last year we're laughing.'