Switch could seal one eel of a catch

WEST NORFOLK & THE FENS: What a week last week was. Jog pants and a T-shirt by the end of it, rather than the usual piker's garb.

It seemed every other take came not from the intended pike, but something which could shred baits and strip them to the bone, with barely a twitch on the float.

They say when the trees are in bud, the eels come out of the mud. A mild autumn spell, with a few days of southerly wind seems to get them on the feed as well. A switch of bait from sea deads to legally obtained, Defra-registered eel obtained from a sustainable source that doesn't threaten the viability of the species saw a thumping run that could only be one thing. Only problem was it was the wife's rod.

One or two are starting to come out now the weed is starting to die down and – last week aside – the temperatures too. This has to be the best time of the year to fish in the Fens. You can enjoy both dawn and dusk in a day without having to get up at some unearthly hour.

Anglers on Ten Mile Bank have been catching fish nudging the magical 2lb mark, reported from Modney and Danby Drove. Seed baits are obviously coming into their own. Tench have been showing in the mild spell around the Chapel, while big perch have also been putting in an appearance – worm is the going bait for both.

Bream have been caught around the Wissey Mouth, groundbait and plenty of it is the tactic there. Shepherd's Port is still producing silvers and skimmers.