Sunday is semi-finals day for NCBA County Championships

The NCBA County Championships have reached the semi-final stage, with the games to be played on Sunday at Martham BC. The full schedule is as follows:

9.30am: Senior Mixed Pairs: J Morton, J Laskey v S Moore, M Gallant. 3-Bowl Rinks: D Mills, B Downie, M Hayden v A Manson, A Tallent, P Glover. 2-Bowl Rinks: D & T Seabourne, P Webb v S Covell, D Thompson, B Sadler. Champion of Champions Singles: W Burrage v A Siely.

11.30am: Senior Pairs: M Leverett, B Ledgerwood v T Armes, B Wymer; B Hubbard, D Reynel v D Turrell, T Lee. 4-Bowl Singles: R Greef v J Hudson. Secretaries Singles: A Manson v R Himpleman. 3-Bowl Rinks: M Cubitt, P Pratt, C Blake v A Sayer, R Bunton, C Woodcock.

1.30pm: Mens Pairs: N Blyth, V Hudson v P Grothier, V Wilson; J Colcombe, T Seabourne v P Forster, D Oakley. Champion of Champions Singles: T Elvin v I Whiley. Mixed Pairs: M & G Haylett v H & W Burrage. Mixed Rinks: S Covell, L Blake, B Sadler v B & J Kirby, B Grint. Under-25 Singles: R Lloyd v J Baxter.

3.30pm: Mixed Pairs: B Masters, N Howell v P Rolph, R Greef. 2-Bowl Singles: S Siely v A Sayer. 4-Bowl Singles: B Hubbard v J Colcombe. Under-25 Pairs: S Blanche, R Lloyd v M Sparrow, D Mills. Secretaries Singles: V Hudson v B Swan. Senior Mixed Pairs: M & M Leverett v M Harrison, A Manson.

5.30pm: Mixed Rinks: E & L Barber, G Jay v A Mitchell, N Blyth, I Whiley. 2-Bowl Rinks: A Sayer, R Bunton, C Woodcock v M Seppings, M Wilkinson, A Wilkinson. Senior Singles: M Gallant v T Elvin. M Leverett v A Manson.

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