Norwich youngster named as Stars 'rising star reserve'

ryan kinsley

Ryan Kinsley has been named rising star reserve for King's Lynn Stars - Credit: Derek Leader

King's Lynn Stars have named Norwich-born Ryan Kinsley as their rising star reserve for the new Premiership season.

Kinsley, 22, is a club asset and started his career in the Young Stars National League side in 2015.

And he says the new scheme to introduce British riders with limited experience to the top two leagues is a big boost.

 “The rising star scheme has now given me the opportunity to push on in my career and get this spot at Lynn,” he said.

"I definitely think it would have been harder to get that spot with my average, but this scheme has allowed me to get in there a bit sooner than planned and I am able to push on my career."

Delighted Stars co-promoter Dale Allitt said: “I have been quite involved with Ryan and I have helped him with bits in other leagues so we have a good relationship which I will continue to develop in 2021.

“I am sure Ryan will take this with both hands as he has invested heavily in equipment and he has got some help from good people around him, so I think he’ll be ready for the challenge.

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“Peter (Schroeck) and I spoke about it and we all felt that it was best to use our asset. We have signed assets to the club recently and it is important that when the time is right that they’re given a chance.

"We have always done that with the likes of Lewis Kerr, Lewis Rose, Josh Bailey and now with Ryan.”