Stars only interested in the points

King's Lynn team boss Rob Lyon is playing down tonight's Norfolk Arena Premier League clash against old rivals Rye House.

King's Lynn team boss Rob Lyon is playing down tonight's Norfolk Arena Premier League clash against old rivals Rye House.

Lyon's reigning champions take on the club they dethroned last year in an early season skirmish, but the treble winners are only interested in points - not point scoring.

"We won't get involved in any hype about this being one of the meetings of the year," said Lyon. "I want us to be professional and build a healthy lead when we go to their place at the weekend. If we can get some confidence behind us I think we can win at Hoddesdon.

"People might be surprised by that but we managed it last season and we will certainly go with that mindset again. It's always a good rivalry and they are usually tense affairs."

Lyon is confident the hosts' encouraging early season form can survive a ten-day rain affected lay-off.

"It's frustrating but there is nothing we can do," he said. "When you've got momentum going you want to carry on. I don't think that will be an issue. A lot of supporters and pundits perhaps had Rye House as pre-season favourites. We were the team predicted to do well last year and that is how it turned out. This time around it will be a lot more difficult. With our start to the year I feel people should now have us on a par to be up there challenging again."

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Lyon is backing the Rockets to overcome Stuart Robson's long term injury absence. The popular racer suffered a broken pelvis and two damaged vertebrae in a horrific crash at Mildenhall last month.

"He's such a nice guy and everybody wishes him well," said Lyon. "It certainly weakens them. Ray Morton will do a decent job but in many ways he is irreplaceable - just like John Oliver is for us."

Lynn track Plymouth Conference guest Nikki Glanz in place of Simon Lambert to fill Oliver's reserve berth.

"Nikki is going to come in for both the Rye House meetings," said Lyon. "It's a chance for us to have a look at him. He has been scoring well but you never know until you actually see someone.

"Simon has done a good job, especially at home, and I'm sure he'll get his opportunities in the future. It's not a case of shutting the door on him."

Stars: 1 Tomas Topinka, 2 Chris Mills, 3 Daniel Nermark, 4 Trevor Harding, 5 Paul Lee, 6 James Brundle, 7 Nikki Glanz.

Rockets: 1 Chris Neath, 2 Ray Morton, 3 Tai Woffinden, 4 Tommy Allen, 5 Steve Boxall, 6 Luke Bowen, Adam Roynan.

Parade 7.30pm, first race 7.45pm. Admission prices: £12 adults, £8 concessions, £4 for children (aged 12 to 15) with free entry for children aged 11 and under.

Lambert will be in action for Lynn's academy team against the Rye House Raiders in a six heat contest after tonight's Premier League meeting.

Shane Waldron, Oliver Rayson and Oliver Kingsley join Lambert in the academy line up for their debut meeting.