Stars find Edinburgh no walkover

The Stars smashed through the 60-point barrier for a fourth consecutive home meeting but this was no walkover for Rob Lyon's men.

King's Lynn 61, Edinburgh 33

Lynn bagged the Premier League points but Edinburgh earned the plaudits in a Saddlebow thriller.

The Stars smashed through the 60-point barrier for a fourth consecutive home meeting but this was no walkover for Rob Lyon's men.

Edinburgh were stubborn opponents in a series of all action heats, superbly led by skipper Theo Pijper (paid ten). The Dutchman was ably assisted by Matthew Wethers - clearly with points to prove after a successful but brief Norfolk Arena spell last year.

Henrik Moller proved a thorn in the home side before a sickening heat 14 exclusion after being catapulted onto the track when his clutch appeared to give way.

Lynn's now customary mid-meeting surge put the result beyond doubt. Troy Batchelor tuned up for this week's Premier Trophy final with another paid 15-point maximum on the back of his starring role against Newcastle 24 hours earlier.

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The Aussie flew from the outside gate to take a swift opener. Exiting teenager Derek Sneddon sprung a minor surprise to eclipse John Oliver and James Brundle in the reserves - Brundle replacing Chris Mills (stomach upset).

Moller claimed the next with Wethers reeling in Trevor Harding on the final lap to land an away heat advantage. Tomas Topinka outflanked Pijper with a classic double bluff to take heat four - winding up around the outside before tucking back to drive under the fast gating heat leader.

Pijper re-emerged quickly only to be edged out again by the fearless Daniel Nermark as Lynn pressed the fast forward button.

Batchelor kept Wethers at bay behind Kevin Doolan before Topinka nullified Moller's minor tactical raid in heat seven - Brundle's valiant effort to split the Monarchs duo going unrewarded.

Sneddon swarmed all over John Oliver but the determined Aussie held firm as Batchelor notched his second victory.

Moller's impromptu wheelie from the gate gifted Lynn a fourth maximum in five races. Four became five on the resumption before Pijper exacted revenge on Topinka in a photo finish duel to clinch heat 11. Wethers repelled compatriot Oliver on a tactical raid but Harding's smooth flag maintained Lynn's comfortable advantage on the scoresheet.

Doolan dragged man and machine across the line in a battle of endurance with Pijper as Topinka took heat 13.

Moller's gating problems resurfaced with a heavy fall as his runaway bike careered down the home straight - the Dane gingerly walking back to the pits after trackside treatment from the paramedics.

Nermark blew Sneddon away after the youngster briefly led the re-run.

Batchelor flew home in a finale befitting the earlier fireworks as Doolan suffered a rare shutout behind Edinburgh's main men.

t Stars: Doolan 9+3, Batchelor 14+1, Harding 8+1, Nermark 10+1, Topinka 11, Brundle 4+1, Oliver 5+2.

t Monarchs: Pijper 9+1, Tessari 0, Wethers 10+1, Moller 7, Stoddart 1, Sneddon 6.