Stars co-promoter Chapman urges King’s Lynn Stars to beware Lakeside Hammers’ backlash

Stars co-promoter Jonathan Chapman is warning his side to beware a Lakeside Hammers' backlash as King's Lynn travel to Essex tonight.

The Stars travel to Arena-Essex on the back of a fine run of form having picked up away points at Poole and Coventry before beating Belle Vue Aces at the Norfolk Arena on Wednesday.

However, the Stars chief admits Lynn face a tough task this evening against a Hammers side who will be desperate to bounce back from their 53-36 reverse at home to Swindon on Monday.

Chapman said: 'Five points from three matches is good but it will be a big ask at Lakeside. 'It seems teams bounce back with a vengeance after a defeat. They get ripped into for being complacent, fight back, and my worry is they'll use as their toy. They did a job on us at the Norfolk Arena so we owe them one, even if they deserved to beat us on the night.

'We're in good form and we've got to give it our best. Although a win would be sensational, we need to be realistic. Getting a point would be fantastic.'

The Stars got beaten 49-43 by Lakeside on their own shale last month and team boss Rob Lyon admitted his side were given a gating masterclass.

Since that setback, Lynn have bounced back outstandingly and deserved their hard-fought 51-40 victory over a dogged Aces outfit.

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Chapman said: 'We can take heart from our performance against Belle Vue. Maciej (Janowski) under-performed and he and David Howe were the only ones who posted low scores.

'But it was a strange meeting and it took a while for us to pull clear. Mateusz (Szczepaniak) has come along way and his form is looking better. He always tries hard.

'It's all ifs and buts but if Magic turns up and we all race well, maybe we could turn Lakeside over, even if it's a big ask.'

Joe Screen comes in for Howe while the only change in the Hammers line-up from their midweek meeting is at reserve where Justin Sedgmen replaces Richie Worrall.

Lakeside team boss Jon Cook told his club's official website: 'Monday has gone now and we are lucky that we have a chance to get back on track so quickly to put it behind us.

'To be racing on our normal race night for the first time in a month should be to our advantage as the crowd always creates a great Friday atmosphere and this week is going to be absolutely crucial to pick up the win and stay at the right end of the League table.'

Lakeside: 1 Davey Watt, 2 Kauko Nieminen, 3 Peter Karlsson, 4 Kim Nilsson, 5 R/R, 6 Justin Sedgmen, 7 Robert Mear

King's Lynn 1 Niels-Kristian Iversen, 2 Mads Korneliussen, 3 Maciej Janowski, 4 Joe Screen, 5 Daniel Nermark, 6 Kevin Wolbert, 7 Mateusz Szczepaniak