Sponsor's winning catch

Nick Larkin, who has put up the £1000 cash for the new Nisa Feedmaster tournament on the tidal River Yare, seems more than a little keen to keep his cash, for he won the first round of the series with a splendid catch of 57lb 10oz last Saturday.

Nick Larkin, who has put up the £1000 cash for the new Nisa Feedmaster tournament on the tidal River Yare, seems more than a little keen to keep his cash, for he won the first round of the series with a splendid catch of 57lb 10oz last Saturday.

Fishing one of his feeders from peg No 22, by the Rockland pumping station, the Suffolk ace reeled in bream to nearly 4lb and a few quality roach, all of them tempted on worm and maggot bait offered over liberal quantities of free feed.

Three pegs away, runner-up Tony Anderson of Suffolk Angling Direct netted 45lb 14oz, again these were mainly bream to over 4lb apiece.

On the same venue the following day Anderson (SAD Black) scored top catch in the Suffolk Teams of Five tournament with bream to nearly 5lb in his catch of 44lb 10oz, boosting his squad to top spot with 87lb 7oz. Richard Watson (Waveney Red) was runner-up with 31lb 12oz as was his team with 72lb 13oz.

The first leg of the Norwich and District League for teams of four staged on the River Bure at St Benets Abbey, was won by Albert Farrow of Wymondham with 23lb 14oz of bream followed by Jim Randell (Big Hits) with 21lb 2oz, and his squad headed the team card with 35 section points.

On the rest of the open match circuit, Randell pulled off a brilliant double, winning two events at Barford with 104lb and 149lb 10oz on consecutive days.

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Hinderclay was in great form for Andy Dunn of Norwich, who won on Florence with 107lb 9oz, while Tim Cant of First Cast headed catches on the Willow with 113lb 2oz.

At Melton Ponds, Nat Kopti was Oddchap of the day with 142lb and other successes there were John Broomfield who won the Zenith with 127lb.

Roger Harris won the City Works with 116lb and Roger Taylor headed the CMG at Willow with 92lb 15oz.

On the commercial carp waters, numbers of anglers along the banks were down due to World Cup interest. But with more space available excellent fish were recorded and Taswood produced its record common carp of 36lb 4oz for Chris Brown of Horsford who also bagged a grass carp of 24lb. Other successes there were Benny Sawicki of Norwich (mirrors 28lb 6oz, 20lb 4oz, ghost 21lb 8oz), Darren Stamp, Caister, (mirrors 30lb 7oz, 25lb 7oz, 21lb 8oz, common 20lb 5oz), Peter Cain, Sprowston (personal best mirror 27lb 2oz).

At the Kingfisher Lakes at Lyng, tench were feeding on the permit water and the best reported from the fishery came in at 10lb for Ben Radley of Norwich. Excellent mirror carp fell to Ian Cook of Watton whose best was 39lb 8oz along with four others of 32lb 7oz, 25lb 8oz, 22lb 6oz and 21lb 8oz. Richard Bensley, Narborough, bagged a 27lb common and other mirrors around the mid-20s fell to Martin Davy, Wymondham; Stephen Sparks, Felthorpe and Keith Cox of Norwich.

A giant catfish of 37lb 8oz and another of 30lb were hauled out of Waveney Valley's Yew Tree Lake by visitor Mike Bache, while Dale Sankey, Halesworth and Dan Taylor of Reydon both recorded numbers of mirror carp to the mid-20s.

The Cobbleacre Lakes were in great form, and Norwich angler Rob Caraway hauled out a 28lb 7oz catfish and a 20lb mirror carp and other successes with mirrors to the mid-20s were regular visitors Paul Popplewell, Chris Quinten and Shirley Hawkins who netted her personal best catfish at 28lb 2oz.

Of the few anglers along the banks at Taverham Lake the top fish were common carp around the 23lb mark for Martin Thompson of Great Yarmouth, George Lambert and James Burdett both of Taverham, while visitors on the nearby river Wensum below the mill recorded chub to 7lb.

At Swangey Lakes, Glen Hales of Norwich bagged nine carp between 22lb and 30lb, Phil Smart of Dereham had a mirror at 28lb 6oz, Steve Jones Attleborough another of 26lb and Maureen Allen, Diss one of 21lb 7oz.

Blickling Lake, whose close season was extended by the National Trust, reopens on Saturday when huge bream catches are expected from the wooden stagings situated among the lush vegetation towards the dam end. Day tickets are issued by the bailiff on the bank where no night fishing is allowed. Blickling also contains some exceptional carp and giant tench as well as quality perch and legions of roach.

Non-tidal rivers are now in urgent need of substantial rainfall to boost levels, but even so, sizeable chub will continue to feed from all the popular stretches while on the main broads and rivers catches of bream and pike will remain satisfactory.

Open match results

Nisa Feedermaster (River Yare) - N Larkin (Nisa Feeders) 57lb 10oz, T Anderson (SAD) 45lb 14oz, G Miller (Essex VDE) 39lb 12oz.

Suffolk County Teams of Five (River Yare) - T Anderson (SAD Black) 44lb 10oz, R Watson (Nisa Waveney Red) 31lb 12oz, S Crowe (SAD Red) 27lb 6oz, K Ford (Yarmouth) 23lb 12oz.

Teams - SAD Black 88lb 7oz, Nisa Waveney Red 72lb 13oz, Browning Hotrods 72lb 1oz.

Norwich and District Summer League (River Bure) - A Farrow (Wymondham) 23lb 14oz, J Randell (Big Hits) 21lb 2oz, P Swan (Past and Present) 16lb 13oz.

Teams - Big Hits 35 pts, Past and Present 33, Suffolk Lads 31.

Hinderclay (Florence) - A Dunn (Norwich) 107lb 9oz, D Smith (Blidworth) 63lb 15oz, A Moore (Avenue Angling) 48lb 12oz.

Hinderclay (Willow) - T Cant (First Cast) 113lb 2oz, R Garrity (Diss) 107lb, D Smith (Blidworth) 101lb 9oz.

Hill Farm (Banham) - J Burrows (Tibenham) 42lb 14oz, M Peek (Yaxham) 41lb 6oz, D Chidwick (Wymondham) 30lb 15oz.

Barford (Tuesday) - J Randell (Venture Whizzo) 104lb, T Anderson (SAD) 85lb 4oz, T Robinson (Watford) 74lb 8oz.

Mill Farm (Thursday) - J Edwards (SAD) 47lb 12oz, T Smith (Norwich) 41lb 8oz, L Hall (Fox Match Triangle) 39lb 12oz.

Sunday - C Fay (Harleston) 88lb, C Wright (Harleston) 71lb, J Parnell (Yarmouth) 66lb 4oz.

Monday - J Odey (Highflyers) 71lb 4oz, K Jordan (Browns) 70lb 14oz, R Kent (Jollyboys) 70lb.

Crossdrove - D Smith (Future) 59lb 8oz, D Pearce (Wisbech) 58lb 12oz, J Barrowman (Barford) 28lb 5oz.

Shallowbrook (Thursday) - L Haze (Viking Whalers) 63lb 2oz, J Randell (Venture Whizzo) 52lb 12oz, G Jones (Norwich) 33lb.

Saturday - K Jordan (Browns) 90lb 4oz, C Innes (Shallowbrook) 81lb, R Turton (North Walsham) 54lb.

Barford (Wednesday) - J Randell (Venture Whizzo) 149lb 10oz, M Whittaker (DAD) 95lb 9oz, J Barrowman (Barford) 82lb 14oz.

Railway - N Adcock (Browning Hotrods) 86lb 15oz, M Carpenter (Dickleburgh) 74lb 3oz, C Alport (Norwich) 60lb 15oz.

Sam Hook League (River Bure Estuary) - J Carter (Lowestoft) 1lb 15oz, T Thomas (Holt) 1lb 11½oz, P Faircloth (Sheringham) 1lb 8oz.

Club match results

Fakenham (Colton) - K Nicholson 83lb 4oz, I Balls 81lb 12oz, N Elmar 79lb 5oz.

Oddchaps (Melton Ponds) - N Kopti 142lb, R Bircham 125lb 10oz, M Fiddy 78lb 14oz.

Oddfellows (Topcroft) - R Smart 29lb 8oz, R Bircham 28lb 2oz, J Carey 22lb 12oz.

Viking Whalers (Melton Ponds) - Jeannette Halliday 59lb, P Brewer 51lb 8oz, P Brister 39lb 10oz.

Costessey Crown (Railway) - D Mallett 38lb 8oz, B Cann 37lb 2oz, P Hobart 31lb 1oz.

Zenith (Melton Ponds) - J Broomfield 127lb 8oz, C Florence 87lb 4oz, T Wright 84lb.

Sportsmans (Decoy Broad) - L Arnold 37lb 10oz, K Southey 23lb 10oz, A Varley 22lb 8oz.

Salvesons (Hinderclay) - K Stevens 72lb 4oz, L Hudson 48lb, D Treagus 45lb.

First Cast (Hinderclay) - R Lincoln 88lb 10oz, F Moore 55lb 2oz, T Cant 40lb 12oz.

Wroxham (Hinderclay) - M Tebbitts 65lb 4oz, B Crook 31lb, A Crook 26lb 4oz.

CMG (Willow) - R Taylor 92lb 15oz, P Amos 48lb, M Covell 47lb 2oz.

Beaver (Shallowbrook Canal) - N Dady 49lb 3oz, G Robson 26lb 14oz, P Hunter 26lb 4oz.

Norwich Police (Shallowbrook Canal) - P Fleet 66lb 12oz, B Walker 41lb 2oz, N Elmar 37lb 12oz.

Beaver (Melton Ponds) - N Webb 58lb 2oz, G Robson 36lb 14oz, K Roberts 34lb 4oz.

CMG (Besthorpe) - R Taylor 67lb 10oz, J Greengrass 59lb 8oz, M Covell 47lb 14oz.

Beccles Caxton (Taswood) - M Crawford 64lb 14oz, M Loughrey 41lb 6oz, T Ginger 27lb 2oz.

Caister Ship (Taswood) - N Page 36lb 3oz, C Brooks 25lb, K Hooker 13lb 9oz.

Kessingland (Breakaway Lakes) - T Anderson 44lb 3oz, J Hurren 22lb 14oz, P Turrell 20lb 3oz.

Norwich Busmen (Bergh Apton) - A Bygrave 48lb 14oz, P Haze 27lb 2oz, S Johnson 24lb 4oz.

Aylsham (midweek, North Walsham) - A Purdy 16lb 6oz, C Beales 12lb 5oz, D Robinson 10lb 8oz.

Aylsham (Sunday, North Walsham) - Steve Beales 15lb 4oz, K Flood 14lb 6oz, A Starkey 12lb 3oz.

Norwich Busmen (Holly Farm) - S Pitcher 51lb 4oz, S Johnson 49lb 4oz, J French 48lb 4oz.

City Works (Willow) - R Harris 116lb, A Ling 75lb 14oz, F Ling 61lb.

EA Ambulance (Barford) - B Ablett 39lb 10oz, G Cairns 33lb 12oz, C Scott 30lb 2oz.

North Walsham KF (Abbey Waters) - D Jones 82lb 12oz, T Gotts 68lb 10oz, M Seaman 52lb 11oz.

Jewsons (Colton) - P Ashford 61lb 8oz, D Chamberlain 56lb 2oz, Tina Chamberlain 36lb 10oz.

Nomads (Colton) - M Harmon 74lb 13oz, S Quinn 48lb 4oz, G Button 44lb.

Freedman (Colton) - A Humphrey 37lb, S Chapman 35lb, D Creed 31lb 4oz.

Open match fixtures

Willow, July 1 (draw 8); Willow, July 4; Barford, July 5; entry 01603 759624.

West Norfolk Challenge, River Ouse Estuary, July 9; 01623 822400.

Mill Farm, June 29, July 2/3; 01953 452769.

Shallowbrook Canal, June 29, July 1, 6, 8; 01603 744680.

Carleton Rode Farm, July 2; 01842 821514.

Coaching session, Barford, July 1; pole fishing (9am-2pm); 01603 759624.