Snetterton seeks names for corners new and old

Snetterton could be home to the Martin Brundle Bend or Jackie Stewart Straight after racing fans were invited to help name its revamped layout.

The Norfolk circuit will undergo a multi-million pound redevelopment through the winter in time for next season – with vast changes to the track layout that include a new three-mile Snetterton 300 marquee format, as well as one-mile and two-mile circuits that can operate independently.

The reconfiguration of the Norfolk circuit means a number of new turns, plus alterations to existing favourites, and Snetterton owners – Motorsport Vision – have already received more than 1,500 fans get in contact with suggestions for new names.

And the invitation for entries does not close until midnight on Sunday, October 31.

'It's really exciting; it's the biggest development we've ever done on one of our circuits since we took over the group in 2004,' said Motorvision chief executive Jonathan Palmer.

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'We wanted to give everybody the opportunity to put their contributions forward. We know Snetterton has a huge following in Norfolk, people are very proud of their circuit, very supportive of it, and it's an important part of the heritage of Norfolk.

'When it came to the new corners particularly, I came across the idea of inviting comments on the website. We can then benefit from all sorts of information we otherwise wouldn't have had access to, and their response has been absolutely outstanding.'

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Other famous faces suggested include Murray Walker, Nigel Mansell, Andy Rouse and Valentino Rossi, while Lotus and Chapman – after Lotus founder Colin Chapman – also crop up as possible corner names alongside motorsport company Van Dieman, which was founded at Snetterton.

The track's history as a military airfield is represented with other proposals, including B17 in honour of the B17 Flying Fortress bombers that flew from the airfield in World War Two, and Woodrow after the Taylor Woodrow company that constructed the original airfield.

More light hearted suggestions include 'Emerson, Lake and Palmer' for a new three-turn complex, while 'Old Shuck' was put forward – after the Norse legend that a black dog of the same name roams the Norfolk area around Snetterton. Although the names of all 13 corners are up for discussion, Palmer admitted tradition will win in some cases.

'I'm very sure we will not be changing some – there are three corners that just have huge heritage: Bomb Hole, Coram and Riches. I don't think there will be any way we will be changing the name of those corners.

'But I think the other ones are all up for consideration. We want to make sure we pool all the information from lots of people who have got a lot of very valid views, and come up with the best names we can that are going to take this circuit and live with it for decades, not just years.'

One enthusiastic entry even suggested a corner named 'Jonathan Palmer'.

'There are names that have a lot more local significance than that for the circuit!,' laughed Palmer. 'The names need to have relevance from the history of the circuit or the local area. I feel quite strongly about that.'

• KEY TO SNETTERTON LAYOUT PDF (see link in the top-right)

Snetterton 300's new layout, complete with current names, new characteristics – and suggestions what they might be called:

Turn 1: Currently holds the famous name Riches and that is unlikely to change. Suggestion – Ploughman's, for those who have ended up in a farmer's field beyond the run-off.

Turn 2: Formerly called Sear, but will be changed to a hairpin modelled on the one in Montreal. Set to be a top overtaking point.

Turn 3: The start of a completely new phase of the circuit. Replicates the Parabolica at Monza. Suggestion – Woodrow, after the Taylor Woodrow company that constructed the airfield that formed Snetterton's first circuit.

Turn 4: After a straight that runs past a new restaurant garden terrace, this is the second big overtaking opportunity. Big run off area and wide track to encourage lunges. Suggestions – Stadium, because of the new spectator banking.

Turn 5: Fast curve designed to bunch the field.

Turn 6: Tight right-hander, third overtaking opportunity, modelled on Rivazza at Imola. Suggestions – Emerson, Lake and Palmer, for turns four, five and six.

Turns 7 & 8: Aimed at keeping the field close heading into Revett Straight; based on Monza's Lesmo One. Suggestion – B17, in honour of the B17 Flying Fortress bombers that flew from the airfield in World War Two.

Turns 9 & 10: Currently the Esses and set to be tidied up rather than changed in the revamp.

Turn 11: The challenging Bomb Hole also remains unchanged, and is likely to retain its name. It does get a big new run-off area outside.

Turn 12: Coram is a big favourite, and the curve will be lengthened and becomes a little tighter. Suggestion – The Sweeper, due to it's long, sweeping nature.

Turn 13: Formerly Russells chicane and a nothing end to the lap for many, it becomes one tight left-hander. Together with the new Coram, it will present a dilemma over the best racing line to take getting on to the start-finish Senna Straight.

• To put your suggestion for a corner name at the new Snetterton circuit layout visit

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