Sin bin to be introduced across Norfolk football after successful trials

Norfolk football is preparing for the introduction of the sin bin after successful trials Picture: A

Norfolk football is preparing for the introduction of the sin bin after successful trials Picture: Archant - Credit: Nick Butcher

Temporary dismissals - better known as sin bins – will be introduced across all levels of grassroots football across Norfolk from the start of the new season.

The mandatory rule change will be implemented up to Step 5 of the National League System and Tier 3 and below in women's football.

Sin bins of 10 minutes will be issued by referees as a sanction for dissent in adult football, and will apply to all levels of grassroots football. Shorter sin bins will apply across youth football.

The FA successfully piloted sin bins during the 2017/18 season, and then extended it to 31 leagues last season. It is now being introduced "in a bid to increase participation and to continue improving match day experiences".

Gavin Lemmon, Norfolk County FA CEO, said: "Temporary Dismissals (sin bins) have been taking place in Norfolk football for the last two seasons with the Anglian Combination League being part of the pilot in the 2017/18 season and all other adult Leagues adopting sin bins last year.

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"Since its introduction over the past two seasons, we have seen a significant drop in number of dissent cautions across adult football and we are now putting resource into training and supporting all Norfolk's youth leagues and clubs as they make the same transition for the 2019/20 season."

Results during the trial period showed a 38pc total reduction in dissent across all participating leagues. Meanwhile, 72pc of players, 77pc of managers and coaches and 84pc of referees said they wanted to continue with sin bins after the trial period.

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Sin bins will be indicated by the referee showing a yellow card and clearly pointing to the touchline. This will result in a temporary dismissal from the pitch during which time the player is not allowed to be substituted or involved in the game in any way.

Unlike cautions, which will continue to be issued for unsporting behaviour and other offences, players will not be required to pay the £10 administration fee for a single temporary dismissal. A second temporary dismissal in a match will result in an exclusion from the game.

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