Setchell insists Twitter ‘banter’ is fine but urges King’s Lynn Town players to use social media sensibly

Manager Gary Setchell insists he has no problem with his King's Lynn Town players using Twitter but has urged them to think before posting.

A host of Linnets players use the social networking site and regularly interact with the club's supporters before and after matches.

While Premier League stars Joey Barton and Wayne Rooney's 'tweets' have been criticised by their respective managers, Setchell admits he will never ban his players from using the site.

'It's up to the players if they want to be on Twitter,' said the Lynn boss.

'They, or any footballer for that fact, are putting themselves out there when they join it. Decisions like joining sites like it, or Facebook, are down to the individual.

'Being on Twitter can have its benefits about interacting with fans. However, if supporters want to give the players banter, and in turn they give a bit back, then I don't have a problem with it.

'It's each to their own in my own eyes and they're all grown men at the end of the day. Situations like the row between Neil Warnock and Joey Barton are at a completely different level.

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'I won't be complaining about my players using Twitter because I don't have the authority to do so in my eyes. I'm the manager of a Step 5 non-league club and my players are not professionals.'

The online social networking site, known as the SMS of the Internet, has exploded in popularity since it was created in March 2006.

More than 300 million users generate over 50 million tweets per day of text-based posts of up to 140 characters.

Setchell admits he isn't a fan of the site but is more concerned with how his players interact with supporters on a face-to-face basis.

The Lynn boss said: 'When I played football there wasn't any social networking sites and although they're not really for me they've gone bananas.

'Anyone and everyone is on Twitter, posting and following people - to be fair I don't really know how it all works. When you are a member of a football club you do have a responsibility but I'd like to think people are grown up enough to know when banter is just banter.

'It works both ways and everyone's got to be careful it doesn't get too personal. Football is about opinions but I do think some supporters wouldn't criticise directly to a player's face. They normally do it behind a false name on a computer.

'I only get the lads for a small amount of time so it's difficult to tell them what to do away from football, although I'd hope they think before they post.

'As long as the lads come in and are good around the place I'm happy. If they go into the bar after matches and are polite to supporters - who are of course entitled to their opinion - then I don't see a problem with a bit of online banter.'

• Lynn hope to play their first game since January 28 against Cogenhoe United in the United Counties League Cup quarter-final at home on Saturday (3pm).

• The club are holding a supporters' forum at their Walks ground tonight.

The event, in the Linnet Lounge, will be open to all and aims to give fans a chance to ask club officials questions to help the club move forward.

The Blue & Gold Supporters' Trust will also be holding its annual meeting at the Conservative Club in London Road this evening.

Both events begin at 7.30pm.