Sea Fishing: Stannard takes top spot at Estuary Championships

Despite the weather's best attempts at spoiling, the beaches have been pretty consistent this week; there seem to be fish about on most of the region's beaches at the minute.

The mackerel have moved in a bit onto the shingle too, there have been plenty showing from the usual haunts, good news for those wanting to target bass with lures.

The Rite Gear sponsored Estuary Championship continued in fine style last Sunday with 30 anglers taking part just over the border at Sutton Bridge. Flatties and eels were the order of the day. Jeff Stannard took top spot from Robert Tuck in second and Andrew Dawkins in third. It's a pretty strong field attracting to rods from East Anglia and further abroad, it's also great to see local tackle businesses putting something back into the sport, well done Rite Gear.

There will be some lure caught bass this week along the shingle, as long as the water stays clear and calm. Mackerel are showing and the bass will be chasing these sporty critters too. Bait anglers will still find a few bass in the north and east though with waters clearing night tides will be best.

The hounds are showing on the Lincolnshire beaches and I think there's a chance this week on our beaches too as long as we can lose this scruffy top to the water.

Sea Palling down to Lowestoft and it's a similar tale with school bass, whiting and odd codling being caught. The smoothound pups are still about here and there too and there are good chances their bigger brethren will pitch up on beaches like Caister before too long.

They could turn up on any of our beaches, and with evening high water in the east of the patch, the weather warming and the wind going west, this could be the week we see some proper hounds.

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