Sea Fishing: Get down to the beaches for quality bass

A steady week on the region's beaches though the east and north seem to offer best chances of decent sport.

The northerly that had us shivering brought a few codling and bass within casting range from Cley down to Sea Palling, Chris Bulch had a nice codling amongst a few bits at Trimingham.

In my opinion, we are just coming into the best times for the beaches in the east, from now through May we should see some good quality bass and the odd codling on some of the prettiest beaches in the region.

The shingle in the north produced its fair share of bass and can usually be relied upon for a few flats too, the smoothounds often turn up here in spring before they head off to the Lincolnshire beaches where they seem to hang about for the summer.

Yarmouth beaches will soon have their fare share of hounds and bass too, with some lure sport in the river down to Breyford whilst further southwards will hopefully see a few more sole this year, I don't recall too many caught last year. In the old days we may have put our kit away from around now, the cod season would be about over aside from a few springers, but these days some of our best and most consistent sport is to be had through the spring and summer. That sport is now looming, now is the time to get your gear cleaned and tidied, stock up on those bits and bats you might need.