Sea Fishing: Anglers still on the hunt for the big bass

A quiet week on the region's beaches last week, and that form is likely to continue with high pressure settled over us for the week and neap tides into the weekend.

One or two small codling have shown in the reports from the south of the region, along with a few dogfish, very early yet though and they are very small at around 40cm.

In the east, bass are still the target, though to me this year seems poor for those better fish, I can only recall one double figure fish early in the year. We normally see a few of those through the season. There have been a lot of school bass so there are some positives.

The north Norfolk shingle can usually be relied upon to produce a few flatfish and there are still bass showing too, but I noticed even the flats seem to be small and not in great numbers yet, though they'll pick up as autumn progresses to winter.

Holt Sac fished the Cockaday Cup at Salthouse last weekend, a good turnout for the match following reports of some bass showing on the Friday evening. Unfortunately somebody forgot to tell the bass to turn up and only 20 sizeable fish were carded. Mike Watts won the day with three fish for 1lb 3oz. Tony Thomas managed four fish for a level pound with Henry Randell taking third with two fish for 13oz. Holt stalwart, Dene Conway, didn't fish the match he was away in Holland representing the Sea Anglers Match Federation in a match against Holland and Belgium.

Dene reports that all involved had a great time with 'England' taking the honours with two great results on both match days beating Holland into second place by a huge margin, all despite being a man down due to illness on the second day, well done to all involved.