'It's everything I dreamed of' - proud Norfolk 'Star'

Ryan Kinsley - King's Lynn Stars

Ryan Kinsley preparing for the new season during press and practice day at King's Lynn - Credit: Ian Burt

Ryan Kinsley says he is living the dream as he prepares for King’s Lynn Stars’ opening match of the new season. 

The 22-year-old, who lives at Matlaske in north Norfolk, joins the Premiership side as their rising star reserve. 

Team boss Peter Schroeck believes Kinsley has a big future ahead of him and the youngster is keen to fulfil expectations. 

“I was speechless when I got the call and it is definitely everything I have dreamed of as a young boy, to ride for the main team at King’s Lynn Stars,” said the former Aylsham High School student. 

“I think the rising star scheme has given me this opportunity to help me push on in my career and this is the big step up I needed. I have got that chance now and I just have to knuckle down and make sure I can keep in this league.” 

Kinsley’s first step on to the big stage comes on Monday when the Stars host East Anglian rivals the Ipswich Witches. It’s a long way from the days when he was riding grasstrack with Norwich New Stars at Frettenham. 

“I started with the grasstrack and as we went on I tried speedway and got a little 125 bike,” he said. “The first meeting was at Eastbourne and it went well and we went on to the next one at Scunthorpe and won, so it looked like that was the next chapter. We stayed on the 125 for a little while then I jumped on a 500 - I always used to do the second halves here and carried on progressing.” 

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Kinsley – who rode at Lynn for the Young Stars, followed by spells with Buxton and Mildenhall – has a good working relationship with Lynn’s co-promoter Dale Allitt. 

Ryan Kinsley - King's Lynn Stars

Ryan Kinsley - ready for tapes up - Credit: Ian Burt

“From day one he has always been by my side and made sure I was getting good deals and helping me behind the scenes so I can’t thank him and King’s Lynn enough for all the help and support they have given me. 

“King’s Lynn signed me as an asset from very early on in my career and to have that behind me was a huge, huge boost and with their constant support and help I couldn’t ask for anything better.”