Running column: How long will Mark Armstrong have to wait to recover from latest injury?

Mark Armstrong has had an injury setback. Picture: Edinburgh Marathon

Mark Armstrong has had an injury setback. Picture: Edinburgh Marathon - Credit: Archant

Training has taken a bit of a turn for the worse this week.

The runs have been going quite well over the past couple of weeks as I tick along getting in as many runs as possible before really ramping up the training ahead of Run Norwich next month and the Robin Hood Marathon at the end of September.

Then things changed on Tuesday evening.

It was after work and my three-year-old daughter, Lara, started doing the kind of dance that only a parent knows when their child needs to go to the toilet. 'Daddy – I need a wee!'

I sprung into action fearful of a pool of urine appearing on my floor knowing that time was of the essence if I didn't want to be getting the scrubbing brush out.

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I promptly picked her up before absolutely smashing my little toe on the corner of our landing wall. I'm not quite sure how I managed not to swear although I did let out the kind of scream (manly, of course…) that saw my wife bound up the stairs to check out what the commotion was. She managed not to stub her toe.

MORE: Don't let your ego get in the way of your time goalsLara made the toilet as I slumped to the floor hoping the injury would be one that would absolutely kill for a few minutes before the pain subsides.

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An hour later and the throbbing was still there and the toe had turned a very deep shade of purple.

A few google searches later and I was pretty sure what I'd done: I'd broken my little toe.

The ice was slapped on and I started to contemplate just how long this will stop me running. Could I still run on it? I was supposed to be doing a running session with Neil on Wednesday evening but when I struggled to get my trainers on I knew that was out.

I can only apologise to my colleagues round the office for walking around with no shoes on for the majority of this week.

All the online advice is that it can take between two and eight weeks before you can get back out on the road – I just hope it's the former. With Run Norwich just over a month away this injury is far from ideal but I'm told these things happen for a reason – that I'm clumsy probably being the main reason…

MORE: How important is cross-training for runners?The fact my first thought was how the injury would affect my running rather than my day-to-day life demonstrates just how important running has become to me. But I'm going to have to exercise a bit of patience to see how it settles down over the next few days and cross-train in an attempt to keep my fitness up.

And make sure no-one steps on my toes in the meantime…

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