Roeder won't gamble on Fozzy's hamstring

City boss Glenn Roeder says he won't gamble on Mark Fotheringham's fitness for Saturday's visit of Wolve

City boss Glenn Roeder says he won't gamble on Mark Fotheringham's fitness for Saturday's visit of Wolves.

The City skipper missed the Boxing Day clash with Charltoin yesterday because of a tight hamstring.

“I am a manager who will never ever risk a player that I don't think can complete the 90 minutes,” said Roeder.

“I always think it looks really poor when managers play players who have come back from an injury and don't even make half-time because life has taught me that you can't beat Mother Nature.

“If you are not fit you are not fit and you will break down and the intensity of the game is so great nowadays you cannot disguise and get away with carrying an injury.”

The captain's armband passed to fellow central midfield Darel Russell, who rewarded Roeder with a man of the match performance and the goal - his first since in the league returning to Carrow Road in the summer - that earned City a deserved point.

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“I was very pleased and I was pleased he got his first goal of the season as well,” said Roeder. “He is an absolutely delightful lad to work with. Even though he's 27, 28 years old he comes in to see myself and the coaches asking to see where he can still improve his game. He is right into the ProZone we have here and wants to know how much ground he has covered, how many times he has won the ball in tackles, how many he's given away.

“He lives football. I was quite happy to give him the captaincy and I thought he carried it off really well.”

Russell's goal prompted an unusual celebration by his manager, who promptly turned around to a female fan in the front row of the stand and gave her a Christmas kiss - which prompted much debate.

The explanation from Roeder was a simple one.

“I'd sliced a water bottle into the front row and she caught it - it was a hell of a catch that I wish some of the England cricketers would take in the slips,” he said. “She caught the bottle and I asked for it back.

“Asked whether he knew the woman, Roeder replied: “No, but I do now. I am sure she'll back here on Saturday - I look forward to seeing her again.”