Roe trio end winning run to go through

Thirty-two teams started their quest for the Potters Leisure mixed triples crown with many strong contenders still participating.

Thirty-two teams started their quest for the Potters Leisure mixed triples crown with many strong contenders still participating.

The B Holcroft, G Reeve and A Dunton lost 12-11 to R Raspberry, E Adams and G Roe to break Geraldine Reeve's winning streak. The Dunton triple then lost to J Lockwood, A Hill and P Boldero, who had won their first game 14-6. With the Roe team also winning their second game the quarter-final place was down to who won the last game - the Roe team 12-10.

Caister's J and S Mather and P Green recorded a very good 15-4 win over NBC's J and R Oakley and R Nichols. Freethorpe's J Stone, J Harris and R Mallett lost only the first and last ends against Thetford's T Thorpe, J Downie and P Scott in their 13-4 victory. With the Thetford team losing 13-5 to the Oakleys and the Freethorpe team beating the Caister triple 16-8, this left Stone Harris and Mallet the league winners as they took their last game 16-10.

K Benns, K Copland and R Gidney (Burlingham) beat T Bloom's triple 10-7 then beat the Bedfords 12-2. The Heartsease triple of Y and N Gants plus T Jermy eased home 15-5 over N Pentney, J and C Bedford (Deeping), but then lost 11-9 to Flegg Private's K and D Copeland and T Bloom, who had won their first game 11-9. Jermy then beat Benns 12-8 and with Bloom losing 8-7 to the Bedfords, this gave Jermy the quarter-final place.

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The Ormesby triple of A Bateson, M Howell and P Clutterbuck lost 21-9 to the mixed club trio of W Blythe, J Bennet and B Berwick, and were then beaten 14-4 to the Hethersett trio of L Green, P and T Eaglan. Berwick then lost to Stalham's S White, S Crysell and A Wooden 18-5, Eaglan won his last game 16-5 and qualified as the Stalham trio lost their last match 14-4.

M Sayer, J and B Warnes (Yarmouth), with a five, beat Felthorpe's D Adams, R Hall and J Borrett 14-3. P Rolph, B Nurse and V Thrower lost 13-1 to Dilham's B Wilson, S Hardingham and G Gibson, but then drubbed the Felthorpe trio 20-3. The Dilham team beat Yarmouth's B Warnes 14-11, before defeating Borrett's trio 12-7 to ensure a place in the quarter-finals.

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Great Plumstead's E and D Cole with P Webb overwhelmed County Art's C Derry, D Stokes and M Turner 15-6. Last year's winners M Auld, G Xuereb and T Garrod with a 12-8 win over Yarmouth's F Gibbs and J and D Barber and with them winning again 12-8 and the Cole's losing to the Barbers 8-6 this put them in a very strong position but the Webb trio totally overpowered last year's champions in the last game by 17-4 to make the quarter finals.

Also in the last eight are Yarmouth's K Dunn and D Mann plus North Walsham's M Hannant, together with Lowestoft's E Sawyer, S Smith and G Felingham.

lead 7-4 after eight ends over Heartsease's S Gee, J Bean and M Rounce then scored a 5-4 to win 16-4. They followed this up with a 21-4 win over Reepham's J Smith and P and M Wilkinson. The Yarmouth and North Walsham team made sure of their quarter final place with another 13-8 victory. Lowestoft's E Sawyer, S Smith and G Felingham crept home 10-8 over Bradwell's J Maclom, and E and D McDonald, Felingham's second game saw them 11-4 up with two ends to play but inch home only 11-10. The Lowestoft's team last game was against Yarmouth's C Johnson, A Jacobs and Soham's B Mould for the last quarter final place. This went to the Lowestoft team by 10-9.

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