Roadside repair helps Staff to victory

Some running repairs helped David Staff to victory in the Great Yarmouth CC 25 mile time trial at St Olaves.

Some running repairs helped David Staff to victory in the Great Yarmouth CC 25 mile time trial at St Olaves.

Staff was storming to victory when he suffered a puncture, but Bobby De'ath, an earlier starter and on his way back to the HQ, saw Staff's plight and offered his bike.

So Staff - about six inches the taller - passed the timekeeper in the winning time of 1:1.14 on a small frame with his knees nearly bumping his chin.

“It was allright on the flat, but when I hit the hill my legs just buckled,” Staff said.

Next fastest were Lee Bark (Stowmarket & District CC, 1:02.36), Martin Pyne (Anglia Velo, 1:03.51)

Although it was sunny, the strong west wind dominated the event. De'ath stopped using his tri-bars on the second of the two laps, as the wind increased. Several riders abandoned after one lap and fourth-placed Chris Nudds (1:4.42) was constantly moving on and off his tri-bars according to the situation ahead, and said he was “down to my last gear” on the final headwind leg on the A143.

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t Conditions were worse for the Boston Wheelers 2-up in the Lincolnshire Fens, where Fat Birds CC pair Paul Ashby and Ken Roesner won.

But their chief rivals did not fare so well, one of the pair deeming it unwise to start, and his team-mate being blown off his bike by a Fenland blast in the first mile.

t The Eastern Road Race League Ed Taylor Memorial event put a premium on bike-handling, with a following wind down a twisting descent on each of the ten five-mile laps near Haverhill.

Carl Dyson (Webster Cycles) was the winner, having been part of a small early break. The 70-rider field split under the pressure of this attack, but chasers formed a group which included Matt Thuston (API), Neil Vaughan (East Anglian CC) and Phil Hargreaves (VC Norwich) who fought out a sprint for sixth place. Thurston took 11th, Vaughan 14th and Hargreaves 16th.

n There was a tie for first place in the Plomesgate CC 10 miler near Orford, where Glenn Taylor (API/Metrow) and West Suffolk Wheeler Peter Balls both recorded 22:53.

Behind them, Martin Pyne (Anglia Velo, 23:51) was just two seconds faster than Andrew Leggatt (Ipswich BC). The outward leg to Bentwaters was into the wind, which was just strong enough to sap the riders' energy. Top woman was local rider Emilie Fisher, who lives in Rendlesham.

Fisher is now sponsored by Elmy Cycles and is looking forward to riding big events like the Giro women's road race series and Rudy Project time trials.

n This Saturday, there is national standard time trialling at Bottisham, between Cambridge and Newmarket, where the first round of the Rudy Project Time Trial Series starts at 1pm.

On Sunday, tricycles, classic bikes and restricted gear modern machines time trial between Bressingham and Thetford from 9am.

Results: Great Yarmouth CC 25, St Olaves

1 David Staff (Anglia Velo) 1:01.14, 2 L Bark (Stowmarket & District CC) 1:02.36, 3 M Pyne (Anglia Velo) 1:03.51, 4 C Nudds (CC Breckland) 1:04.42, 5 M Solley (Diss & District CC) 1:04.44, 6 G Frost (API/Metrow) 1:04.55, 7 J Corner (API) 1:05.35, 8 D Murphy (Cambridge CC) 1:05.51, 9 P Nudds (CC Breckland) 1:06.05, 10 J Eman (Gt Yarmouth CC) 1:06.11, 11 P Ellis (Diss & District CC) 1:06.14, 12 B De'ath (CCB) 1:08.14.

2:Up: 1 Steve Little & Eddie Dean (Norwich ABC) 1:14.43.

Plomesgate CC 10, Sudbourne:

1= Glenn Taylor (API/Metrow) and Peter Balls (West Suffolk Wheelers) both 22:53, 3 M Pyne (Anglia Velo) 23:51, 4 A Leggett (Ipswich BC) 23:53, 5= E Headford (RAF CC) and A Jardine (IBC) 24:05, 7 A Newark (CCB) 24:22, 8 A Pettit (Stowmarket & Dist 23:51, 9 G Bateman (Anglia Velo) 24:40, 10 P Ellis (Diss & District CC) 24:45, 11 N Simmons (King's Lynn CC) 24:46, 12 S Presland (Ely & District) 25:10. Veteran on Std 1 Alan Newark +5:26, 2 R Back (WSWhs) +5:22.

Women: Emilie Fisher (XRT/Elmy Cycles) 25:38.