Roach scarper as temperature drops

WAVENEY VALLEY: The drop in temperature really hit the river fishing with most anglers scratching about for decent roach even in the hot swims.

A still bait on a one ounce feeder and with a long tail encouraged what skimmers were interested to take the single red maggot.

The forever reliable and now quite predominant dace made some sport on the tidal reaches with 30-40 being taken, although most of these have been in the two ounce range.

A few skimmer bags came from off the Park at Oulton Broad but the pike anglers spinning here have had quite a bonanza taking up to a dozen jacks in a session.

Those venturing further afield into Oulton Dyke found some proper bream and latched up 30-40 pounds. But it was a pair of 23lb and 24lb pike that made the largest impression.

Taken by Mordy Walters and his pal from Norwich the slowly spun dead baits produced another seven pike during the day working the boat over all the water, between 4lb and 12lb.

Up on Bungay Common the Cherry Tree AC water yielded a 23lb pike from the bottom left hand bend and several double from the sheltered target area with its wooded opposite bank.

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Secretary Nigel Poll reports that from the Fleece waters, well below the Falcon Weir and the exposed opposite bank, a shoal of roach locked itself into place near to the overhead cables and a long trot down into a weedy swim produced 25lb of quality redfins for one of the members.

The easily accessible free fishing at the Scole Pocket Park now has some roach present, but in amongst his double figure catch, two tench of 5lb on bread made Albert Meeks' day holding still the rig with the long pole in these shallow swims off the wooden platforms.

Commercial fisheries have had the carp back off of heavy feeding sprees for a while but Aldeby Fruit Farm Fishery has maintained good sport in its tree sheltered areas with double figure mirrors showing, and the match lake nearest to the river with a good head of fish is providing fair results.

Marsh Trail Lakes continues with its versatility and whichever Lake selected has been reliable for presentation of the pellet in conjunction with gentle feeding patterns.

Roach and rudd on most small commercials have been making a good showing.