Ritchie and Sumpter light up track for GT Trophy one-hour glory

Stephen Ritchie and Mark Sumpter took victory in the GT Trophy night race at Snetterton on Saturday after Steven Brady narrowly held on to win the earlier daylight race.

An early retirement for Brady, when a drive shaft broke, and the Ryan Lewis/Paul Warren Ferrari 430, which became stranded with a seized gearbox, allowed Ritchie and co-driver Sumpter to make the most of the reliability of their Porsche 997 GT3 to take a comfortable victory in the hour-long event.

Brady led many laps of the earlier race in his Ultima GTR but had the race gone on for a lap longer the rapidly closing Warren might well have demoted him as he tried to overcome a drive-through penalty, incurred by co-driver Lewis for jumping the start.

Joe Fulbrook led the VAG Trophy race from start to finish.

Mark Jenkins was unable to give chase to the leader as Aaron Mason was hounding him relentlessly.

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In the opening Golf GTi race, Simon Hill narrowly held off the advances of Andy Knowlton and Henry Wright while, in race two, Hill was unable to unseat James Bark from the top spot.

Uggeshall's Peter Ashton overcame a tardy start to finish third place to Simon Harwich in the Formula Libre event.

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• Results

GT Trophy, Night Race: 1 Stephen Ritchie/Mark Sumpter (Porsche 997 GT3), 2 Rob Barff/Gary Eastwood (Ferrari 4 30), 3 Oliver Bryant/Will Goff (Porsche 997 GT3).

Daylight Race: 1 Steven Brady (Ultima GTR), 2 Ryan Lewis/Paul Warren (Ferrari 430), 3 Miles Hulford/Andrew Tate (Ferrari 430).

VAG Trophy: 1 Joe Fulbrook (VW Bora Turbo), 2 Mark Jenkins (VW Golf Mk5), 3 Aaron Mason (VW Golf MkV).

Golf GTi Championship, Race One: 1 Simon Hill, 2 Andy Knowlton, 3 Henry Wright.

Race Two: 1 James Bark, 2 Simon Hill, 3 Mike Thurston.

Formula Libre: 1 Simon Hardwick (Jade 2), 2 Mike Luck (Stohr), 3 Peter Ashton (Radical SR3).

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