Results roundup

Beccles ASC results

King George V Pennant Race One (13): Tankard (R Kelsey, G Roll), Yarebeat (M&S Roll), Manah Manah (R&C Baylis)

Mirror Trophy Race One (6): Tic Tac (O Meek), Bubble (E Edwards), Red Legend (P Roll)

Kerrich Cup (2): Tornado (R Lewis, T French), Laura III (S Halliday, J Drake)

Bacchante Trophy (4): Tankard, Shanderlee (R&C Salisbury), Dragonfly (R Haynes, R Campling)

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Will Judge Trophy (8): Flash (M Langston), Yarebeat, Bare Necessity (D Moriarty)

Mirror Trophy Race Two (5): Bubble, Red Legend, Blue (J How)

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King George V Pennant Race Two (13): Yarebeat, Flash, Tankard


King George Pennant (32): Blue-RS Fly (J Blankley, J Hirst), Tankard, Yarebeat

Mirror Trophy (9): Bubble, Red Legend, Blue

Cinnabar Trophy (3): Bittern (G Curtis), Razzle Dazzle (P Edwards), Red Kite (A Clayton)

Kerrich Cup (6): Tornado, Laura III

Bacchante Trophy (8): Penelope Jane (G&L Curtis), Tankard, Shanderlee

Will Judge Trophy (13): Yarebeat, J (M Thrower), Flits (D Elliot)

Buckenham SC

Club House Trophy: Witchway (Phil Gooch), Custard Tart (Bill Clark), Big Zipper (Chris Skedge, Chris Clitheroe)

General Allcomers: Pippin (Harry Pettit), Goast (Trevor Whittaker), Witchway

Great Yarmouth & Gorleston SC

Autumn Series

Race One: RS500 (D Houghton, J Symonds), D-One (M Browne), D-One (C Sallis)

Race Two: D-One (C Sallis), Laser Radial (R Brown), Hobie Tiger (D Abbott, T Quayle)

Race Three: RS300 (P Highfield), D-One (C Sallis), D-One (M Browne)

Horning SC

Programme D - River Course

Series One

Reedling (1): Jaws (S Bailey, A Barnham)

Rebel (1): Rebel Sailer (G Hermer, B Mann)

Yeomans (5): Fire Opal (G Whitefoot, L Whitefoot), Maybe 2 (Q Stewart, T Laughton), Tanskey (T Fields, A Moore)

Yare & Bures (4): Grizzled Skipper (C Shallcross, P Shallcross), Hairstreak (C Gardner, H James), Bath White (A Fields, K Dixon)

Cruiser (1): Shiwana (C Thomson, J Thomson)

Series Two

Reedling (1): Jaws

Rebels (2): Rebel Sailer, Rebel Jade (K Davies, J Tusting

Yeomans (5): Tanskey, Fire Opal, Maybe 2

Yare & Bures (4): Grizzled Skipper, Bath White, Hairstreak

Series Three

Reedling (1): Jaws

Yeomans (3): Fire Opal, Maybe 2, Tanskey

Yare & Bures (2): Yorkshire Skipper (K Beaven, G Beaven), Bath White (K Dixon, A Fields)

Cruiser (1): Shiwana

Series Four

Allcomers (7): Jaws, Fire Opal, Bath White

Yare SC

Autumn Open Regatta

Pursuit Race – Buckenham Trophy (18): Joy (P Davies), Amaryllis (P Stevens), Zingara (R Dugdale)

Sunday am – Commodore's Trophy (19): Zingara, Pandora III (P Smith), Anna (D Branscombe)

Sunday pm – Portaferry SC Shield (14): Pandora III, Amaryllis, Pixie (A Lincoln)

Overall – Nelson Trophy: Pandora III, Zingara, Amaryllis

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