Results roundup

Beccles ASC

Novice Salver (12): T2 (J Denny), Whippet (A Morgan), Tic Tac (O Meek)

Bittern Cup Race One (2): Bittern (G Curtis), Red Kite (A Clayton)

Clubhouse Trophy (29): Penelope Jane (G&L Curtis), Bubble (E Edwards), Small Beer (M Langston)

Coronation Cup (19): Small Beer, White Riot (R Curtis), Second Wind (M Browne)

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Mirror I Trophy Race One (8): Bubble, Moody Margaret (R Folkard), T4 (R Hirst)

Bittern Cup Race Two (1): Bittern

Most Read

Kerrich Cup (2): Tornado (R Lewis, T French), Laura III (S Halliday)

Bacchante Trophy (6): Penelope Jane, Tankard (R Kelsey, H Browne), Shanderlee (R&C Salisbury)

Will Judge Trophy (12): Shadow Surfer (C Folkard), White Riot, Blue-RS-Fly (J Blankley, J Hirst)

Mirror I Trophy Race Two (6): Moody Margaret, Animal (G Curtis), Tic Tac

Sunset Trophy (15): Go Bananas (C Folkard), Flits (D Elliott), GP4 (J Blankley)

Bittern Cup Overall (5): Bittern

Clubhouse Trophy Overall (54): Penelope Jane, Small Beer, Bubble

Coronation Cup Overall (44): Penelope Jane, Chuph (R Gorbould, G Alden), Flits

Mirror I Trophy (15): Bubble, Moody Margaret, Twilight (P Roll)

Gt Yarmouth & Gorleston SC

Summer series

Race One: Fireball (V Falat, B Falat), RS500 (P Highfield, T Highfield), RS500 (R Smith, A Prime)

Race Two: D-One (C Sallis), Fireball (V Falat, B Falat), D-One (M Browne)

Race Three: D-One (C Sallis), Finn (N Eastwood), RS400 (R Fryer, C Smalls)

Buckenham SC

Club House Trophy - General Allcomers: Witchway (Phil Gooch), Yare Baby (Peter Lumley), Leeway (Pip Syder)

Race 2: Witchway, Leeway, Yare Baby

Hickling Broad SC

Open Punt Regatta

Race 1 (10): Emperor Goose (J Parker, J Savage), Wild Duck (D Long, A Pegram) and Grebe (R Reddington)

Race 2 (11): Emperor Goose, Cavender (R Slatter, L Haines), Wild Duck

Race 3 (9): Emperor Goose, Comet (B Wilkins, C Tuckett), Wild Duck

Race 4 (8): Cavender, Comet, Emperor Goose

Overall (11): Emperor Goose, Cavender, Wild Duck


Race 1 (5): Boomer (J Atkinson, L Levine), Golden Oldie (K Green, D Wilson), Dunlin (T Baldwin)

Race 2 (5): Boomer, Golden Oldie, Kedgy Girl (B Thompson)

Race 3 (4): Boomer, Kedgy Girl

Overall (Syd Wren Trophy) (5): Boomer, Golden Oldie, Kedgy Girl

Club Racing

Allcomers B&C (16): Mer de Glace (M Jones), Voyageur (S Clayton), L81142 (S McCullum)

Allcomers B&C (20): Voyageur, L161406 (C Barker), L 81142

Allcomers B&C (14): L 161406, Dipper (A Kerrison), Smoke on the Water (P Atherton)

Allcomers B&C (14): Smoke on the Water, Kingfisher (R Beach), Da Capo (P Cullum)

Horning SC

Downriver to Thurne

Outward Series

Cruisers (9): Vixen (P Roney, C Wood), Rushmere (R Harris, J Bower), Cygnet (M Reilly, S Reilly)

Yare & Bures (7): Brimstone (H Tusting, J Blackwell), Painted Jezebel (D Means, J Means), Tortoiseshell (E Ollier, P Ollier)

Yeomans (4): Fire Opal (G Whitefoot, L Whitefoot), Maybe 2 (Q Stewart, T Laughton), Charlie Brown (G Jewell, K Rout)

Reedling (1): Jaws (S Bailey, J Bailey)

Rebels (3): Rebel Rascal (P Storey, R Storey), Rebel Sailer (G Hermer, B Mann), Lucky Rebel (G Wright, A Hammond)

Allcomers B (5): Picketty Witch (L Drew, T Drew), Apache (E Bailey, C Hammond), Daisy (K West)

Return Series

Cruisers (6): Vixen, Cygnet, Sally (S Burton, L Burton)

Yare & Bures (7): Painted Jezebel, Brimstone, Tortoiseshell

Yeomans (4): Maybe 2, Fire Opal, River Mist (A Gallant, D Linde)

Reedling (1): Jaws

Rebels (3): Lucky Rebel, Rebel Sailer, Rebel Rascal

Allcomers B (5): Daisy, Mustard (C Drew), L140103 (R Hannant)

Norfolk Broads YC

Race 1 Cruisers A: Meggie (Stu Rix), Raisena (Chris Bunn), Zingara (Richie Dugdale)

Race 1 Cruisers B: Dryad (Tim Frary), Morning Calm (Paul Carrington), Halcyon (Roger Wilson)

Combined Allcomers: Kestrel (Matthew Frary), White Spirit (John White), No Name (Mike McNamara)

Race 2 Cruisers A: Melinda (Paul Howes), Meggie, Matilda (Anthony Landamore)

Race 2 Cruisers B: Dryad, Halcyon, Buttercup (Patrick Richardson)

Combined Allcomers: No Name, Kestrel, Mallard (Paul Bown)


Race 3 Cruisers A: Raisena (Chris Bunn), Starlight Lady (Nick Matthews), Zingara

Race 3 Cruisers B: Morning Calm, Dryad, Joy (Richie Dugdale)

Optimists : No Name (Henry Whipp), Bumble (Finlay Campbell)

Allcomers B: No Name (James Cully), Wistful (Chris Dunster)

Allcomers A: Adonis (John Cox), Who's Bob (Gordon Wishart), Marsh Harrier (Jimmy Tubby)

Race 4 Cruisers A: Cuckoo (Simon Lampert), Whisper (Bill Bacon), Matilda

Race 4 Cruisers B: Morning Calm, Dryad, Halcyon

Yeoman: Nimrod (Carl Brady), Who's Bob, Yggdrisil (Steve Haines)

YBOD: Scarlet Admiral (Ian Tims), (Simon Whipp), Red Admiral (David Talbot)

BOD: Marsh Harrier (Jimmy Tubby), Whimbrel (Peter Sabberton), Kittiwake (Jamie Campbell)

Optimists: No Name (Henry Whipp), Bumble

Combined Allcomers: Red Admiral, Clouded Yellow (Nick Gill), Alchemist (Adrian Jeakings)

Norfolk Punt Club

Allcomers (2): Tigger (Max Dixey), Snark (Mark Elson)

Juniors (2): Blue Tooth (James Mason), Piglet (Elske Wilton)

Allcomers (7): Snark, Tigger, Gamecock (Val Khambatta)

Juniors (2): Blue Tooth, Roo (Elliot Martin)

Three Punts (5): Snark, Gamecock, Rushlight (Ruth Myerscouth)

YBOD's (3): Silver Blue (Simon Daniels), Camberwell Beauty (Mark Luckhurst), Honeycomb (Paul Watson)

Allcomers (2): Tigger, Monkey Business (Ian Thompson)

Juniors (3): Blue Tooth, Roo, Piglet

Four Punts (3): Snark, Rushlight, Gamecock

Allcomers (5): Silver Blue, Tigger, Camberwell Beauty

Oulton Broad SC


Fast Handicap (12): All Fours (D Madin), The Mistress (A Cone), Blackcurrant (R Fryer)

Slow Handicap 1st race (9): Cool Running (J Drake), Topper (S Beckett), Festinatio (E Clough)

Broads OD (3): Surf Scoter (D Leech), Shearwater (A Truman), Chiffchaff (M&P Davies)

Waveneys (6): Naiad (G Little, S Harper), Watermint (C&H Fuller), Iris (T Marfleet)

Phil Plant Allcomers Race (33): Red E for Bed (R Smith), Ray (V&B Falat), The Mistress


Broads ODs (3): Warbler (M&A Drake), Chiffchaff (M&R Davies), Greylag (J Butters, R Knights)

Squibs (4): Quackers (D Gentry, J Soards), Robliz (R Russell), Confusion (P Horton, R Thurston)

Waveneys (7): Naiad, Creeping Jenny (T Balls, V Walker), Marsh Thistle (J Pickering, B Taylor)

Fast Handicap (7): The Mistress, Streaker (C Turner), Laser (J Drake)

Mixed Keels (13): Naiad, Watermint (G Fuller, C Godbold), Quackers

Wells Sc Team Match V Norwich Frostbite Sc 2nd Leg In Sharpies

Race 1 (6): S Neale, C Gibb; C Hardy, J Case; R Cracknell, M Read all Wells SC

Race 2 (6): R Cracknel, M Read; J Case, C Hardy; C Gibbs, S Neale all Wells SC

Wells SC

Jubilee Cup: 1944 GBR 12 (J Case, W Gibbs), 1973 GBR 125 (C&I Gibbs), 1984 L 144631 (A Cracknell)

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