Stoke Holy Cross Hill Climb: 1 Chris Jackson (StradaSport) 2.34.5, 2 Ben Beynon (UEA CC) 2.35.5, 3 James Trenchard (Godric CC) 2.38.6*, 4 Barney Horne (NABC) 2.41.8*, 5 Tommy Power (Strada) 2.46.1, 6 Ben Howell (Strada) 2.47.4, 7 Billy Barraclough (UEA) 2.51.2, 8 Wayne Barber (Strada) 2.52.7, 9 Roger Keely (Godric) 3.04.1, 10 Troy Doughty-Collow (Godric) 3.05.2.

Eastern League Cyclo-Cross, Colchester (winners and leading local finishers): Seniors 1 Jules Birks (VC Londres), 10 R Hunt (API/Metro) 20 J Swindells (Gt Yarmouth CC) 21 P Stokes. Juniors 1 James Madgwick (Lee Valley Youth) 3 H Perium (Iceni Velo). Women 1 Jayne Williams (Stowmarket & District) 11 A Burchett (Mildenhall CC) . Veterans: 1 Mike Bowen (West Suffolk Whs), 8 P Buick (Iceni Velo) ,16 I Chatten (Iceni Velo) 23 J Perium (Iceni Velo). Youth 1 Dougal Toms (Iceni Velo). Under 12: 1 Aaron Freeman (Chelmer CC) 8 R Baker (Great Yarmouth CC).

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