Reigning champions RG Carter show their mettle

The New City League season has begun and the pick of the early games saw last year's champions at home to the runners-up as RG Carter played Thorpe Marriott.

Although the result suggests an easy 14-0 win for Carters, three of the games were decided on the last end as M Woods won 11-10, N Willard 10-9 and M Reynolds 9-6. In a week of close games Costessey were away to County Council and were beaten 10-4 with only a single shot between the teams, biggest winning margin was 11-9. Taverham were at home to Deaf Sports and the score finished 38 shots each and a 7-7 draw. Jarrolds started their season with a 12-2 away defeat at Horsford Heroes who now play at St Faiths. K Chapman's triple led the way with a 20-6 win.

Jarrolds then played Horsford BC at home and won 10-4 after B Whiley, R Hart, H Hart opened up with a 19-2 win. Framingham Earl at home was next and a 14-0 home win was achieved B Andrews 10-6, H Hart 11-10, M Coxall 11-8, P Carter 12-5.

Felthorpe started with a 13-1 home win over British Rail. P Nash top scored with a 15-6 win. They played away to First Bus and were beaten 12-2.

After losing at Felthorpe British Rail went away to Costessey and were beaten 14-0 C Mann 16-3, B Herman 15-4, J Brown 15-10, M Ottaway 10-7. Sprowston Sports started at home to Horsford BC and won 14-0 D Fuller 13-11, P Smart 11-10, J Poynter 15-8, D Dewing 17-4.

Next up was Jarrolds at home this time it was 12-2 to Sprowston but the 2 points Jarrolds gained took them top of the league.

In the 20th and final Jimmy Ramsey Memorial Shield the qualifiers from the first heat were Cromer B Cox, R Cox, J Andraea. Horsford BC D Knights, M Warnes, S Warnes and Sprowston M Poynter, J Costello, J Poynter.