Redwings Silver Jubilee Show results

Hayley GibbsResults from the Redwings Silver Jubilee Show at Easton CollegeHayley Gibbs

Redwings Silver Jubilee Show at Easton College

Ring One

Class One (Ridden Hunter): 1 Jessica Proctor (International Playboy), 2. Jessica Cook (Redwings Welsh Blessing), 3 Katie Graham (Irish Legend).

Class Two (Ridden Hunter Pony): 1 Lauren Smithson (Romalec Razzmatazz)

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Class Three (Ridden Cob): 1 Lyn Wiseman (American Apache), 2 Eleanor Smithers (Highoak Teazel), 3 Mike Kiddle (Diarmaid)

Class Four (Lead Rein Pony): 1 Katie Turner (Thistledown Woodcock), 2 Isabel Meadows Gibbs (Mrs Tiggywinkle), 3 Georgia Pratt (Ynys Danny).

Most Read

Class Five (First Ridden): 1 Sian Hodges (Kane), 2 Rosie Winter (Alfie Moon), 3 Harry (Star).

Class Six (Ridden M&M Small Breeds): 1 Daisy Mills (Redwings Roly), 2 Rosie Winter, 3 Katie Turner.

Class Seven (Ridden M&M Large Breeds): 1 Katie Green (Danaway Ember Flash), 2 Bethany Hams (Tyrcoed Bach Tywysog), 3 Eloise Marlow (Cadifer Golden Girl).

Class Eight (Ridden M&M Part Breeds): 1 Imogen Sheldrake (Redwings Corsa), 2 Isabel Meadows Gibbs.

Class Nine (Ridden Coloured): 1 Lyn Wiseman, 2 Sian Hodges, 3 Jessica Proctor (International Puzzle).

Class 10 (TARRA Ridden): 1 Joey Ellis (Blue Streak), 2 Kate Campbell (Tiger Leaf), 3 Yvonne Proctor (Nakatani).

Class 11 (Riding Horse): 1 Denise Carr (Secret Heather), 2 Rebecca Tilson (Charlie), 3 Jaye Williams (Just Eric).

Class 12 (Ridden Arab): 1 Karen King (Fleetcroft Eternity), 2 Julia Utting (Belle De Nuit).

Class 13 (Ridden Foreign Breeds): 1 Carolyn Hollingsworth (Sereia), 2 Zoe Griffiths (Kaspian Prince), 3 Laura Amies (Gerko VB).

Ring One Championship: Jessica Proctor (International Playboy).

t Ring Two

Class 14 (In-Hand Native Small Breeds): 1 Michelle Martin (Collytown Magnum), 2 Anna Blyth (Springfields Park Amelia), 3 Jenny Ostler (Rocksteady Teddy).

Class 15 (In-Hand Native Large Breeds): 1 Mandy Williams (HRF Swanbridge Magic Princess), 2 Lynda Bedwell (Wyken-The-Charmer).

Class 16 (In-hand Native Part Breeds): 1 Frances Martin (Cuddly Dudley).

Class 17 (TARRA In-hand): 1 Clare Trowsdale (Lordly Leader), 2 Lorraine Webster (Fawlty), 3 Penny Michelle (Lily).

Class 18 (In-hand Hunter): 1 Grace Lester (Ballyea Billy), 2 Lesley Rudd (Denzil), 3 Shannon Tinker (Mr Red).

Class 19 (In-hands Cobs): 1 Bridget Smith (Gypsy), 2 Jodi Annetts (International Puzzle), 3 Mike Kiddle.

Class 20 (In-hand Coloured Horses and Ponies): 1Rosie Wilson (Redwings Master Blaster), 2 Finola Lear (Maddie), 3 Lesley Parcell (Orlando's Top Secret).

Class 21 (In-hand Best Veteran): 1 Catherine Mace-Nelson (Tariba), 2 Mrs Pat O'Donnell (Imagination of Ling), 3 N Stubbings (Assan).

Class 22 (In-hand Best Condition): 1 Amber Hewitt (Merlin), 2 Mrs Pat O'Donnell, 3 Jodi Annetts (Crack the Code).

Class 23 (In-hand Best Rescue): 1 Freya Grant (Redwings Samson), 2. Rosie Wilson, 3 Amy Humphrey (Redwings Lady Muck).

Class 24 (In-hand Best Companion): 1 Helene Plastow-Smed (Supersonic Fudge), 2 Mandy Duffy (Lilja), 3 Sam Maloy (Sleipnir).

Class 25 (In-hand Young Handler): 1 Amber Hewitt, 2 Ellie Metcalf (Ragamuffin), 3 Freya Grant.

Ring Two Championship: Amber Hewitt (Merlin).

t Ring Three

Class 26 (Utility Pony, under 13.2hh): 1 Daisy Mills (Redwings Roly), 2 Sam Lockhart (Brer Rabbit), 3 Lily Wilson (Redwings Dream).

Class 27 ( Utility Pony, 13.2hh - 14.3hh): 1 Amy Walton (Sweet About Me), 2 Paige Staff (Magic Moments), 3 Hannah Coggles (Corofin King).

Class 28 (Utility Horse, over 14.2hh): 1 Ryan Carlton (Templewood Khan), 2 Laura Amies. 3 Carolyn Hollingsworth.

Class 29 (Working Pony, 13hh and under): 1 Sam Clarke (Redwings Sheridan).

Class 30 (Working Pony, over 13hh-15hh): 1 Hannah Coggles (Corofin King), 2 Cassie Badger (Redwings Sianny), 3 Emma Newman (Brett).

Class 31 (Novice Working Hunter, over 15hh): 1 Kelly Whitman (Murphy), 2 Grace Lester, 3 Mark Jermy (Redwings Welsh Blessing).

Class 32 (Open Working Hunter, over 15hh): 1 Kate Campbell, 2 Flora Hartley-Webb (Simply Red IV), 3 Ryan Carlton (Templewood Khan).

Class 33 (Fun Showjumping 40cm): 1 Ellie Moore (Bureside Knolan Sundial), 2 Kate London (Laithehill Butterfly), 3 Daisy Mills.

Class 34 (Fun Showjumping 50cm): 1 Ellie Moore, 2 Paige Staff, 3 Isobel Staff (Rosie the Rebel).

Class 35 (Fun Showjumping 60cm): 1 Clare Vivian (Simms), 2 Paige Staff, 3 Kate London.

Ring Three Champion: Kate Campbell (Tiger Leaf).

t Ring Four

Class 36 (Ridden Best Turned Out): 1 Ellie Metcalf (Ragamuffin), 2 Sam Hodge (Bay of Duck), 3 Jessica Proctor (International Puzzle).

Class 37 (Ridden Best Condition): 1 Sam Hodge, 2 Laura Amies, 3 Chrissy Copeman (Polar Force).

Class 38 (Ridden Best Veteran): 1 Emma Newman, 2 Ellie Moore, 3 Michelle Harman.

Class 39 (Ridden Best Rescue): 1 Amy Humphrey, 2 Imogen Sheldrake,3 Sam Clarke.

Class 40 (My Best Friend): 1 Isabel Meadows Gibbs, 2 Lily Wilson, 3 Ellie Moore.

Class 41 (Thelwell Pony): 1 Isabel Allen (Redwings Aquarius), 2 Susie Ostler, 3 Sharon Fulcher (Ebony).

Class 42 (Longest Mane): 1 Rosie Wilson, 2 Lucy Allen 3 Helene Plastow-Smed.

Class 43 (Longest & Best Condition Feather): 1 Karen Bradley (Thomas), 2 Bridget Smith (Gypsy), 3 Mike Kiddle.

Class 44 (Prettiest Mare): 1 Jodi Annetts, 2 Sharon Fulcher, 3 Mandy Williams.

Class 45 (Handsomest Gelding): 1 Bethany Hams, 2 Monica Kirkell (Lam'mert), 3 Susie Ostler.

Ring Four Champion: Isabel Meadows Gibb (Mrs Tiggywinkle).

t Ring Five

Handy Pony (Fastest time 1min 35secs) Sam Clarke.

Spillers Best Condition Championship: Catherine Mace-Nelson (Tariba).

Blue Chip Supreme Championship: Kate Campbell (Tiger Leaf).

Reserve Supreme: Amber Hewitt (Merlin).

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