Racing results

RGB Championship: 1 Paul Rogers (Contour Cars RGB09); 2 John Cutmore (Spire GTR); 3 Duncan Marshall (STM Phoenix).

Non-Championship Race: 1 Duncan Marshall; 2 Tim Hoverd (Fisher Fury); 3 Tony Gaunt (Wolf ZRX).

Locost Championship – Race One: 1 Alex von Ehrheim; 2 Tom Coller; 3 David Black.

Race Two: 1 Nicholas Morley; 2 Tom Coller; 3 Scott Mittell.

Stock Hatch Championship – Final One: 1 Josh Cook (Citroen Saxo VTR); 2 Jeff Humphries (Peugeot 106 Rallye); 3 Andrew Tibbs (Citroen Saxo VTR).

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Final Two: 1 Jeff Humphries; 2 Josh Cook; 3 Andrew Tibbs.

Heat One: 1 Nick Thornton- Jones (Citroen Saxo VTR); 2 Shaun Hagen (Citroen Saxo VTR); 3 Martin Boon (Rover Metro GTi).

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Heat Two: 1 Rory Cooper (Citroen Saxo VTR); 2 Carl Kilbey (Citroen Saxo VTR); 3 Martin Boom.

Kit Cars plus Allcomers: 1 Gary Goodyear (RAW Fulcrum); 2 Andy Hiley (Taydec Mk2); 3 Richard Gilmour (Mallock Mk18/21).

Kit Car Championship: 1 John Moore (Sylva Phoenix); 2 Andrew Hiley; 3 Matthew Lewis (MNR Vortx).

Formula 4 Championship – Race One: 1 Jonathan Weston-Taylor (Mygale US2000); 2 Robbie Watts (Van Diemen RAW 09); 3 Bryn Tootell (Van Diemen RF06/09).

Race Two: 1 Jonathan Weston-Taylor; 2 Bryn Tootell; 3 Malcolm Scott (Van Diemen RF00).

Saxmax Championship – Race One: 1 Shaun Clay; 2 Scott Moakes; 3 Anthony Whorton-Eales.

Race Two: 1 Shaun Clay; 2 Chris Warburton; 3 Anthony Whorton-Eales.

750 Formula Championship – Race One: 1 Bob Simpson (SS/F); 2 Mick Harris (Darvi 877); 3 Chris Gough (CGR2 Evo).

Race Two: 1 Mick Harris; 2 Bob Simpson; 3 Chris Gough (CGR2 Evo).

Toyota MR2 Super GT Series – Race One: 1 Simon Aris 11; 2 Alexander Lennon; 3 Ben Carter.

Race Two: 1 Alric Kitson; 2 Alexander Lennon; 3 John Wilson.

Toyota MR2 Championship – Race One: 1 Alexander Lennon; 2 Guy Hefford; 3 Paul Hinson.

Race Two: 1 Steve Lumley; 2 Paul Hinson; 3 Alexander Lennon.

Bike-Sports Championship – Race One: 1 Jon-Paul Ivey (Radical Prosport); 2 Tim Gray (BDN S3); 3 Darcy Smith (Radical PR6). Race Two: 1 Tim Gray 25 laps in 29m 16.43s (100.02mph); 2 Darcy Smith; 3 Steve Cave (JKS SRC10).

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