Quality rather than quantity at Snetterton

There was a disappointingly small turnout for the Aston Martin Owners' Club 60th anniversary meeting at Snetterton last weekend, but there was still some top class racing.

The opening Intermarque race proved to be a stroll for the Steve Byrne/Spencer Marsh Aston Martin N24, with the latter powering past Zoe North with ease.

However on the shorter track on Sunday North set off at a cracking pace to open up a substantial gap to Byrne, which Marsh was just unable to close when he got behind the wheel.

East Ruston's Robert Hollyman took his pit stop early in both races but the pack behind caught him in race one and he finished eighth but he outran them in the second event to secure sixth place.

Phil Seaman, from Stratton Stawless, and co-driver Joss Ronchetti were unable to do anything about the speedy Ferrari 458 of Derek Johnston/Craig Milner in the first Allcomers race but narrowly out-ran the 430 version Mark McAllister by 0.2 seconds to claim second place in their potent Sunbeam Lotus.

In race two the Classic cars battled amongst themselves, with Anne Read taking over from husband David and kept Angus Dent at bay until he ran out of fuel with a few laps remaining.

Derek Johnston was the class of the Ferrari Open field but he was excluded from race two for a rolling start infringement which allowed Paul Bailey to hold off the rampant Gary Eastwood for 24 laps of the 200 circuit to clinch his maiden victory.

Most Read

Wayne Marrs saw Jim Cartwright pass him both times to ease to a pair of comfortable victories in the Ferrari Classic races.

• AMOC Intermarque Race One: Steven Byrne/Spencer Marsh (Aston Martin N24); Zoe North (Sunbeam Tiger); Jeremy Bailey (Aston Martin N24).

Race Two: Zoe North; Steven Byrne/Spencer Marsh; Adrian Clark (Porsche 928 GTS Cup).

Allcomers Race One: Derek Johnston/Craig Milner (Ferrari F458 Challenge); Joss Ronchetti/Phil Seaman (Sunbeam Lotus); Mark McAllister (Ferrari F430 Challenge). Race Two: David Read/Anne Read (Aston Martin DB2); Angela Sadler (Sunbeam Alpine); Angst Dent (Elva Courier MkIV).

Pirelli Ferrari Open Race One: Derek Johnston (F458 Challenge); Gary Eastwood (F430 Challenge); Leon Price (F430 Challenge).

Race Two: Paul Bailey (F458 Challenge); Gary Eastwood; Craig Milner (F458 Challenge).

Ferrari Classic Race One: Jim Cartwright (328 GTB); Wayne Marrs (328 GTB); Nigel Jenkins (328 GTB). Race Two: Jim Cartwright; Wayne Marrs; Chris Butler (328 GTB).