Plenty of sport at Worlingham

WAVENEY VALLEY: The upper river soon got back to little flow with masses of duckweed locked into huge rafts preventing angling on many favourite bends and above weirs.

However, those seeking out the flow and shallower water found shoals of roach up near the surface. Both at Ellingham and Worlingham the amount of fish to be seen has been impressive and surprising when the water eases from flow and stands still for a while.

At one time skimmers were only anticipated on the feeder far out but they have been taken regularly from a number of spots on the float.

A few regularly fed, small, golf-sized balls of the cheaper lesser famed groundbaits from animal food suppliers rather than the expensive brands have been a popular and effective innovation.

The Chet, early and late in the day to avoid most of the boat traffic on this delightful narrow river, has been worthwhile. At Hardley and Nog End substantial roach shoals drift up on the tide from the Yare mouth not far away and at the junction of Hardley flood the tide race in and out has shown bream still like this area too and leave the Flood Decoy to patrol and feed.

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Although a good walk several bags of bream ranging from 1lb fish right up to 8lb have taken plenty of colour and a reasonable five feet of depth is enough to create a feeding pattern away from peak hours. However, the turbulence created midday is neither conducive to a good presentation or patience and the speed of large boats consistently ignoring limitations creates too much wash even for a feeder.

Broome Pits has been back on form for all sorts of species again with a surge of big tench and bream from A Pit near to the main car park.

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B Pit, in its far bay around the narrow neck, has some exciting weed on shallows well out, have produced both wonderful roach fishing and wherein some truly impressive carp may be seen basking.

The Kidney Pit in the central area is the most popular day ticket pool and with bream and some prolific roach and rudd stocks proving an ideal place for youngsters to hone their skills with a memorable day out.

Unsophisticated tackle with a few soft pellets or bread have been successful fairly close in and the next cast produce has been unpredictable as to what personal best monster it will produce.

There were tremendous problems with unlicensed East European visitors in parties of up to ten, to some club waters on the river over the holiday weekend with the police involved and now the Environment Agency and its Enforcement Officer too.

All anglers, however casually they perform are advised by the EA that in the UK a National Permit is necessary and there are restrictions upon what can be caught and taken home.

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