Percy is tempted out of its lair by lobworm

WAVENEY VALLEY: A very reasonable river in the recent days has produced a good predictable flow and fair results.

Even the upper river managed to find some fresh water from somewhere and a bit of movement. Whilst exceptional catches which make the news are absent this week, it is the regular river form for the 'Mr Average Angler' which draws him out for a few fish.

The perch has been the first to oblige him with that edge of coolness coming into the air and its yellow and black striped body and sharp dorsal fins erect coming to the net. The faithful lobworm has the pulling power for this big-mouthed beauty and it is one of the few species not at all keen on the pellet, but making an impressive appearance more and more on commercial fisheries. Red maggot on the river at Beccles below the bridge, fished not far out along the edge of the abundant streamer weed, has been the 'in' place for the youngsters out to polish their piscatorial prowess. The obliging perca fluviatilis – Percy – has delighted with bold bites and in number at times up to 20 taken on a visit with stoutish tackle.

• Commercial fisheries have begun to slow a little for carp in great numbers, but in their place have come the resident bigger fish. Possibly sometimes too slow to compete for the food with the fish up to 5lbs greedily engulfing offerings in the warmer weather, the bully boys have now shown up. Fish of over 20lbs, using unsophisticated techniques, came from Weybread Fishery up on the hill, Aldeby Hall Crossing Water and Hinderclay Spring Lake. Whilst quite the norm at Broome Pits and Harleston Club's Lakes it is the quiet corners of pools such as Marsh Trail Lakes which hold almost unidentified common carp in pristine and rarely caught condition that are well worthy of a concentrated approach.

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