Otters leave their mark

WAVENEY VALLEY: The roving nature of the otter certainly created an impression upon pond and landowners at Denton and areas north of Earsham of late.

Two to three miles away from the river as the crow flies, one pond was stripped from eighty golden orfe between, 4 ozs and 3 lbs, down to just five, while two other farm and garden ponds had between a dozen and 20 expensive koi and mirror carp taken reducing the presence to virtually nil.

This pair of predators had a boldness and unnaturally tame demeanour as they actually had to be shooed away from feeding and rounded on an investigating Labrador.

In their observed week's holiday there, they sucked out over 20 duck eggs and killed seven ducklings. As the food chain reduces rapidly with carp that took up to 10 years to make 12-15 lbs, and fenced in fisheries limiting hunt, it is becoming clear there will be an inadequate mother's milk supply to feed the this year's young.

Meanwhile, Harleston Wortwell & District AC's Weybread Pits were off to a great start on their still water complex with carp of 20 lb plus being landed within hours of the opening. Some quality tench from the DanTurton Bottle Pit came to the net and in the clear water specimens reputed to weigh over 10lbs have been seen cruising up in the water.

The river has its brown tinge of colour running through with a form of suspended algae that results from ochre leeching from dykes and strong springs in the upstream areas.

A little earlier than usual it has encouraged fish to be bold and feed from the surface with evening dimples raising optimistic hopes for the 16th and the start for many of real-man's angling with rod and running line. A good hatch of 1' fry can be seen in a number of areas but Beccles Quay teemed with life boding well from the future.

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The Heroes Holiday Fundraiser match Open run by Bungay Cherry Tree AC was a 26 peg sell out and won by Alan Nobbs of Bungay but suffered with the north-east wind, however some good fish were caught. The raffle raised �66, plus the �50 ticket money and a donation of �50 from Beccles Angling Club.