Opinion: We must be careful using video technology

Frank Lampard can't believe his 'goal' against Germany isn't given despite replays showing the ball

Frank Lampard can't believe his 'goal' against Germany isn't given despite replays showing the ball crossed the line. England went on to lose 4-1. - Credit: PA

Darren Cann is delighted goal line technology will be used in Brazil this summer but urged caution in it finding its way into other areas of the game.

Injustices like Frank Lampard's 'goal' against Germany in South Africa should be a thing of the past now FIFA have allowed the use of technology to determine if the ball has crossed the line.

Many would like to see cameras used to make offside decisions and penalty calls but Cann hopes this isn't the case.

'The goal line technology in the Premier League has worked fantastically well – I'm a big advocate of that. We are certainly looking forward to using that in Brazil.

'I think we need to be a little bit careful what other technology we bring into the game because you can have situations that are not always black or white.

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'For example you have penalty situations and that is a referee's opinion. What one referee thinks is a penalty, another one might not.

'For factual decisions like whether the ball crossed the line – I think goal line technology is really, really important.

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'I don't think it will come in for offside decisions because most of the offside decisions are not so much whether the player was in an offside decision but was he interfering with an opponent and I think that's a judgement call. Technology isn't going to help with that sort of thing.'

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