Norwich’s Tim Newenham talks of Olympic shooting gold delight

Peter Wilson shot his way into the nation's favour with Olympic gold on Thursday – and no one was more happy than stellar Norwich coach Tim Newenham.

British Shooting's performance programme manager was tasked three years ago with priming a Team GB shooting squad with the ability to fulfil the target of one medal from the London Olympics – colour optional.

And it was Wilson, arguably GB's highest hope, who delivered in the double trap. And not only a medal, but an Olympic title.

Even for someone of Newenham's vast experience, helping numerous sports starts to the top of their game, it was a special moment.

'It was amazing – every time he took a shot, everyone in the crowd had this uncontrollable twitch; everyone,' said Newenham, who also works with athletes at Easton College, near Norwich, and trains city seated shot-putter Danny Nobbs. 'Peter was the one who had to keep it controlled, and he was the one with the actual competition on the line.

'While not everyone in the crowd may have understood the shooting, everyone understood the moment Peter was in. There was huge empathy. Everyone knew how it felt when he had that lead and missed two shots, and then the prospect of taking his next pair. All the doubts going through your mind over missing your next ones. The fact Peter stood up and shot them both said everything about him and his focus.

'Peter definitely deserves it, but not everyone who deserved Olympic success gets it. It's all about what you do in that one moment.

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'It was an amazing moment for anyone who has helped Peter at any point during his journey and for me, it's as good and as magical an experience I have had in sport.'

Newenham hopes the rest of his British squad will use Wilson's success to buoy their own competitions.

And the day after the Games are over, Newenham will sit down to start planning for Rio in four years time.

'I came in three years ago and the idea was to put a programme together after a big funding cut to get people funded, to attract people into the sport and to get them into a position where they could compete against the world and so they had the support behind them to do it,' added Newenham.

'Peter is a pretty special athlete, so it was about where we could go to make a difference to help him bring home gold. It was a truly great achievement.

'Peter went for gold and to do that on the day takes a very special person and we are very proud of him. He's a great ambassador for the sport.

'Everyone in Team GB shooting had a small part to play, to help prepare the athletes in the best possible way to have the moment of control when they needed it.

'But it all comes downs in the end to that one athlete and those few moment, and they have to have that control.

'I think we probably had a higher heart rate than Peter did. He was probably more in control than we were. And he really does have the mind set I've seen in the other athletes I've worked with. It really is such a privilege and an honour to work with these people in different ways, people who have the capability and to then help them achieve it.'