Norwich postman Shaun Chipperfield beats former world pool champion Darren Appleton

He is more used to delivering letters than wrapping up championships, but Norwich postman Shaun Chipperfield has put his stamp on the pool world by beating one of the country's top players.

Mr Chipperfield was right on cue to shock the game with his first class delivery – beating Darren 'Dynamite' Appleton by nine frames to five.

'Dynamite' has been at the top of the world rankings for years and has won over 30 major titles.

But the former 10-ball champion who is ranked seventh in the world was no match for our postman from Sprowston in Daventry on Sunday.

The 24-year-old made one of the country's biggest pool talents look second class in the semi-final of the GB9 Midlands Classic and went on to win the tournament in a game he barely plays. In the final it was his red letter day as he pipped James Kay to the post by eleven frames to ten, claiming the �2,000 prize money.

His delighted sponsor, Steve Barber, who runs Norwich Security Specialists, said: 'It is like me entering the world snooker championship and beating Ronnie O'Sullivan in the final. It is pretty awesome. It's an amazing achievement. He played there last year and didn't do particularly well.

'He wasn't going to go this year – he asked me if I fancied sponsoring him and I did.

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'He is such a lovely lad – he knows he is a good player but he just keeps himself to himself.'

And Mr Chipperfield, who was unranked before the tournament, is taking his David and Goliath victory in his stride.

'I knew I was good enough to beat anyone on the day,' he said. 'But I didn't play that well up until the last 16.

'From there I found my game and started playing really well.

'I don't practise nine-ball so I just went there and got my eye in.' The stunning victory means he is now ranked sixth in Britain.

The former Sprowston High pupil, who became the first amateur to win the event, plays for Rileys Rocks in the Tunmore League and practises snooker at Rileys on Magdalen Street.

Mr Chipperfield who compared his victory to a League Two side beating Manchester United, now plans to compete in four more tournaments this year to rise up the rankings.

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