Norwich Lads put on a super fight show

Norwich Lads staged an absolute boxing bonanza at their open show the TA Centre on Aylsham Road.

Norwich Lads staged an absolute boxing bonanza at their open show the TA Centre on Aylsham Road.

There were 31 bouts matched up on paper and 30 bouts matched up on the night - this was a chief official's nightmare.

But after discussions with clubs, with more than two boys on, the match list was cut down to 23 bouts. This was done to box all bouts by midnight which is an ABA ruling.

The OIC (official in charge) was in total awe that Norwich Lads could and did match all these bouts, organised by competition secretary Steve Sictorness.

First on for Norwich Lads was Kris Wright in the 39kg category against I McFayden (Dale Youth).

Wright lost unanimously with McFayden keeping the pressure up the whole bout pushing him on his back foot.

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DeeJay Perry (Lads) 53kg faced L Jones of Canvey Island. Perry wanted to win badly, countering every time Jones threw a jab, keeping the pressure up and launching straight one-twos on target. Perry was declared a unanimous points winner.

Caine Brunning (Lads) 60kg was up against J Carter of Lowestoft ABA. Brunning never let Carter bother him despite giving away two kilos. Brunning continued to catch Carter with southpaw lead jab and when Carter wanted to mix it a bit Brunning obliged. Brunning was declared a unanimous points winner.

In the 61kg category the Lads Club's Jordan Gotts boxed L Grimes (Tottenham/Enfield). Grimes tried to use strength as his trump card but Gotts had all the aces, giving Grimes an eight count. Gotts, using big right hand shots, forced Grimes to cover up on the ropes, the ref stopping the bout in Gotts' favour.

The Lads Club's Spencer Hunt (65kg) boxed P McDonagh (Tottenham/Enfield). This was a very intense bout, both boys trading punches for three rounds, but Hunt had the stamina and strength with power in his jab to gain a unanimous points decision, also getting the club boxer of the night trophy.

Danny Perry (Lads) at 50kg faced M Denley (Canvey Island). Perry, junior ABA semi-finalist, had a boy who wanted his scalp. This was nip and tuck all the way, Perry in and out, straight one-twos and Denley countering back on Perry southpaw style. Perry eventually won by a majority points decision.

Louis Pizey (Lads) faced T Skipper from Stevenage ABC at 77kg. Pizey had to take an eight count in the first round after a barrage of punches from Skipper. Pizey settled down in the second and scored with some quality shots. Pizey's best round was the last but lost on a unanimous decision.

Danny May (Lads), boxing at 58kg, was up against K Barnes (Tottenham/Enfield). Barnes came out very strong in the first, May getting behind his jabs boxing in and out of distance. But Barnes just had the edge winning a majority points decision.

Norwich Lads ABC would like to thank the TA Centre for allowing the club to host the show in their building and Phil Ward, the MC, for a first class job.

Results - B Kent (Five Star) v K Logan (Westhill) maj win; B Jefferson (Five Star) v G Griffin (Centerian) u/p win; T Mcdonagh (Dale Youth) v K Samson (Handsworth) u/p win; O Bristow (Westhill) v R Smith (Gater) u/p win; K Wright (Lads) v J McFayden (Dale Youth) u/p win; S Hill (Westhill) v N Mahoney (Lion) maj win; L Jones (Handsworth) v D/J Perry (Lads) u/p win; C Hobbs (Canvey) v G Maugten (Barking) u/p win; C Doherty (Hoddesdon) v A Smith (New Astley) u/p win; J Norris (Aylsham) v D Carrigar Canvey RSC; D Lyon (Dereham) v J Whippy (New Astley) u/p win; A Brown/Sykes (Five Star) v M Warel (Dale Youth u/p win; R Vinden (New Astley) v D Love (Waltham Forest) 0/p win; J Carter (Lowestoft) v C Brunning (Lads) u/p win; C Smith (Waltham Forest) v P Fanneran (Dale Youth) RSC win; P McDonagh (Tottenham/Enfield) v S Hunt (Lads) u/p win; L Grimes (Tottenham/Enfield) v J Gotts (Lads) RSC win; C Bolt (Waltham Forest) v G Goddard (Canvey) RSC body; G Frostick (New Astley) v B Jones (Tottenham/Enfield) u/p win; M Denley (Canvey) v D Perry (Lads) m/p win; L Pizey (Lads) v T Skipper (Stevenage) u/p win; D May (Lads) v K Barnes (Tottenham/Enfield) M/p win; C Leon (New Astley) v J Reilly (Lion) RSC win.