Norwich Frostbites make the most of sailing in wintry conditions

It was another bad day at the office for winter sailors.

The combination of light, if any, wind and icy roads deterred all but those living reasonably near their clubs, and the presence of ice at Horning and Rollesby put paid to any sailing anyway.

Only Frostbites survived, with four Norfolks venturing out for two races on an ice-free river.

If only the sun had been out, they would have made a brilliant picture with three inches of snow lying on the ground.

Anyway, there was just enough wind to keep them moving, pretty fast in the case of David and Kate Mackley, who accelerated away from a standing start to build a three-minute lead over the rest, who vied for second spot, with Geoff Coulthard and Bruce Thompson eventually breaking sufficiently clear.

The Handicap race which followed was equally clear-cut, and positions over the line were unaltered by the handicapping.

Wendy Bush, with Ray Johnson, took an early lead and retained it throughout the race to finish two minutes ahead of Kate and David Mackley.

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An interesting photograph has come to light, showing members of frostbites at Reedham c1947 when they entertained Leuwarden SC to a team race.

Members are now trying to identify those depicted.

So far, Standley Bushell and Wendy Smith (nee Chamberlin) are still with us. Others amongst the club's founders and early members include Claude Heath, Tom Mackley, Jimmy Clabburn, Frank Waters to name a few.

Snowflakes members are reminded that the Martin (Tino) Dugdale Memorial race will be sailed this Sunday.

• Norwich Frostbite SC

Norfolks (4) 1 Lucifer Beyond Repair (D & K Mackley) 2 Wild Duck (G COUlthard / B Thompson)

Norfolk Handicap race (4) 1 Coot (W Bush / R Johnson) 2 Lucifer Beyond Repair (K & D Mackley).