Norwich dancing queen Lucy is dancing for joy at being picked to perform at the London 2012 Paralympic Games

Norwich's very own dancing Queen is taking her moves to London for the opening ceremony of the Paralympic Games.

Lucy Short, 21, from Lingwood, has only been dancing since she was 14, but her sleek sequences caught the eye of the capital and she was invited to perform on an international stage.

But ever since the email arrived asking her to join the Paralympic dance-troop, Miss Short has been sworn to secrecy on what spectacle will greet the audience at the unveiling of the games on August 29.

Miss Short said: 'I can't tell anyone what we are doing – not even my mum or my boyfriend.

'We don't even know the full routine yet. We are learning parts of it as we go along and then it will all come together at the end, piece by piece.

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'But what I can say is that it is energetic and then relaxing, but my lips are sealed on the rest.'

The former Notre Dame High School student spent the past year trying to get into drama school where she could pursue her love of dancing, acting and singing.

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Her time at the Michala Jane Dance School in Brooke, near Poringland, opened opportunities – she danced for Prince Charles, the Duchess of Cornwall, and met Stephen Fry,

But the opening ceremony will be her biggest audience.

Her audition came with just a few days to go until the deadline passed. After seeing an advert online Miss Short said: 'I just felt I had to apply. I absolutely love dancing and I thought it would be such a great opportunity for me – an opportunity of a lifetime. So when I got the message saying they would like me to dance at the opening ceremony I screamed and cried.'

Miss Short's mum, Jayne. 58, said she was 'thrilled to bits' at her daughter's success.

She said: 'She always makes me cry whatever she achieves in dancing. I think she has always been destined to do this. Looking back maybe I should have got her into dancing earlier considering how well she has done.'

But for the Short family, their daughter's big moment will have to be enjoyed from the TV at home, rather than live in London.

Mrs Short said: 'It breaks my heart a bit that we're going to have to watch it on TV at home.

'But the tickets are so expensive that we can't afford to buy them.

'Can you imagine what it will be like in there? Absolutely incredible is my guess.'

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