Your memories of Norwich City’s 1993 Uefa Cup run

Norwich City fans at Vitesse Arnhem.

Norwich City fans at Vitesse Arnhem. - Credit: Archant

We asked you to send in your memories of Norwich City's European adventure in 1993 and you did not disappoint.

The end of the road in Milan for Jeremy Goss.

The end of the road in Milan for Jeremy Goss. - Credit: Archant

Bayern Munich's Olympic Stadium.

Bayern Munich's Olympic Stadium. - Credit: Archant

• David Coleman

Mark Bowen, Mike Walker and Jeremy Goss at the airport.

Mark Bowen, Mike Walker and Jeremy Goss at the airport. - Credit: Archant

One thing I can always say is I have seen every Norwich game in Europe! I never had any problems getting tickets and travel for the away games via club, and all by coach.

Memories such as all the coaches being held at a shopping centre/mall waiting for police to take us to Arnhem's ground and the locals bringing a crate of beer out for us. Stopping on the way to Bayern and just into Germany the police with their riot vans and cars following the coaches to the service station, and us looking out at the line of riot police waiting!

Once the police realised we were not football hooligans the hats and shields went!

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• Tony Abigail

How we didn't win at the San Siro with the chances we had was amazing. Also it was one of the loudest Norwich singing at an away match that I have been to over the decades. The Italians looked on in astonishment at the noise which continued even after Bergkamp scored on the counter to put us out. Happy days.

• Chris Baines

I was lucky enough to have attended all of the six matches in our European adventure and each round has special memories.

From the moment Arsenal won the FA Cup in May of that year and I danced around the living room knowing that finally we had made it into Europe again, through to the scary plane journey back from Milan – it had been a wonderful six months. Our first foray of course had been cut short before it had even begun due to the actions of others back in 1985.

Highlights include the anticipation of that first match at Carrow Rd versus VA, the awe and splendour of the Olympic stadium in Munich (sitting behind and chatting to Mrs Gunn and Mrs Culverhouse in the away end) and the tremendous noise we made at the San Siro (I still call it that) even though we had just been knocked out by the eventual winners.Ah, happy days!

• David & Cynthia Lee

My favourite memory is of my wife and I flying back from Milan in British Airways Business Class with our inflatable Canary occupying the middle seat between us.

Across the aisle was another happy fan who had flown in from Dubai and managed to buy a ticket outside the ground.

My job as European IT director enabled me to get our Milan office to purchase tickets for us, and we stood happily amongst the (even happier) home fans. Our Canary was the subject of several offers, all successfully declined – but I did swap my scarf for an Inter one.

We had previously managed to get to Carrow Road (from our home in Gloucestershire) for the games against Vitesse Arnhem and Bayern Munich – and I was delighted to be in the Frankfurt office the day after knocking out Bayern.

We are both away season ticket holders and travel to all away games.

My boyhood hero was Johnny Gavin as I wore the number seven shirt for the school team! He is still my password on Canary Player....!

• Ian Engall

Is it really 20 years since our European adventure?

For many years I was a Canary supporter in exile as I lived in the West Midlands. I was able to be at Carrow Road for the Vitesse Arnhem game and witnessed a memorable victory.

However, my over-riding memory is going to the San Siro in Milan.

My son (an avid Canary supporter) lived in Bristol at the time so he stayed with me at home in the West Midlands the day before and we left home at 4am to get to Norwich airport for what we hoped would be one of the first flights out. I still remember the atmosphere at Norwich airport as thousands of fans converged on a relatively small airport. Anyone else remember the marquees where we had to assemble and be informed of our flight to Milan?

Sadly my son and I, despite our early start, were allocated seats on the last flight out of Norwich. However, our excitement was such that we soon overcame our disappointment and just looked forward to our day out. On arrival at the stadium we did what every football fan does and looked for liquid refreshment. We found a bar close to the stadium and it was packed out with Canary fans, all in good humour and patiently waiting for their turn to be served. Disaster then struck – they ran out of draught beer. Quickly we went to the 'bottled beer end' and our thirst was sated!

On leaving the bar, we were greeted with the sight of the Norwich City team bus coming round the corner. Such was the welcome from the fans you would have thought we were the home team. The Milan fans were friendly, hospitable and so keen to swap scarves etc. My son was wearing his League Cup final scarf and it was difficult to explain to the Italians why he wanted to keep it. I still have my black and blue Inter scarf to this day.

Once in the ground (sitting on concrete seats) we marvelled at the stadium, and the atmosphere. A huge stadium with seats seemingly reaching to the sky.

Thanks to Bergkamp (wonderful footballer) our Euro dream ended that night. However, my over-riding memory of that night is the Norwich fans chanting and clapping for many minutes after the game – applauding the team and the manager, Mike Walker. Bless him, he came out on to the touchline and applauded us. Truly wonderful moment – the Italians could not believe such support for a team that had been beaten.

At the airport in Milan for the flight home we were told that the last flight out to Milan would be the first flight back to Norwich so we were the first to land at Norwich airport and thus miss the congestion to start our long journey home to the Midlands.

• Gordon Tate (Burton on Trent)

I was working for a major brewery based in Warrington at the time of City's glory days. One of my colleagues at the brewery was Ian Butterworth's father-in-law, who was obviously extremely proud of the incredible progress the Canaries had made in the short time that Ian had been with them.

I worked in the marketing department and had complained to my boss that I always seemed to miss out on the extravagant hospitality events that the company sponsored. It was common knowledge I was a huge Norwich fan and as the inaugural Premier League season was drawing to a close, he suggested that if the Canaries qualified for Europe he would sort me out an all expenses paid trip to wherever the first away game was played.

Vitesse Arnhem were to be City's first European opponents and this was a perfect fit, as my trip could be based around a visit to a sister brewing operation in Arnhem.

The experience was fantastic despite the match itself being a rather poor game and I thoroughly enjoyed the friendliness and hospitality of the home fans, in a ground that would barely pass as a non-league stadium in this country.

My only regret is not being brave enough to wait until we had made the second round, because then my reward would have been to be present at the history making victory at the Olympic Stadium in Munich. Can't wait for us to qualify for Europe again. Wherever the team are, I will be there.

• Winston Gallagher

I was 13 when we embarked on our Uefa Cup run, so still at school. I was a season ticket holder, attending each game with my dad.

It didn't take much to persuade him to let me swerve school for a couple of days and take me on the Canary Club bus to Arnhem. It was the first away game in Europe in the club's history after all.

We were already 3-0 up from the home leg, so spirits were high on the seemingly endless drive to Holland.

When we arrived, there was a good atmosphere outside the tiny ground, and I swapped scarves with a Vitesse Arnhem fan about my age. I still have that scarf today.

My face was painted yellow and green and I had a flag on my shoulders. Look East spotted me and I was one of a number of fans that spoke to them about the experience.

On my return to school, I was immediately called to the head's office. I'd been on Look East while I was away, and he knew I wasn't off school ill.

I'd never been called to the head's office in my time at school, and not many people ended up there. As I walked in, he turned to me and asked, 'So.....?'

I then spent a very pleasurable 10 minutes filling in our usually intimidating head, about the match.

• Nick Burman - Gt Yarmouth

I was at all three home games. I swapped scarves with the Bayern and Inter fans before the matches. While I was swapping scarves with a Bayern fan five or six other Bayern fans asked if I would sing 'On The Ball, City' to them, I was 14 at the time and thought, 'why not?'

They loved it and afterwards one of them gave me a Bayern pin with their club badge on. I still have the scarves and the pin, wonderful nights, the atmosphere was electric and singing 'You'll Never Walk Alone' before each match really got the heart pumping. Then 'The Final Countdown' was played as the players ran out the noise was incredible. Nights which will live long in my memory.