What Sporting Lisbon’s rival fans at Benfica think of new Norwich City signing Ricky van Wolfswinkel

Ricky van Wolfswinkel has been tipped to succeed with Norwich City by his Sporting Lisbon team mates.

Ricky van Wolfswinkel has been tipped to succeed with Norwich City by his Sporting Lisbon team mates. - Credit: Press Association Images

Sporting fans' reaction to the sale of their goalscoring star is understandably partisan. But what of their arch city rivals Benfica, whose Estadio da Luz home sits just 3km from Alvalade?

Nuno Vidal: 'I wouldn't say I'd wish he would play for Benfica, Benfica is a very good team. He just plays on the wrong team for me to like him. But I appreciate his abilities.

'I guess he will do very well in England. His playing characteristics are very common in England. They play a very different soccer to here in Portugal. For us it is good that Sporting have these financial issues. It means we can fight for a title!'

Carlos Cerveira: 'I think English football is more technical.

'Van Wolfswinkel is a very good player, yes. But I don't wish he was at Benfica because we have better players already than him – but he would have a place in any other team, I feel.'

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Jorge Thomas: 'My team is Benfica but I respect Sporting. They have some good players and I like Ricky van Wolfswinkel.

'Sporting have a lot of financial problems and that is bad for Portuguese football, because Ricky is a good player and he is now leaving.

'I think he will do well in England because he will be new. People will be surprised by him and he will adapt very well.'

Paul Freitas: 'Yes he is good enough to play for Benfica. He is young, he is a Dutch international and a future prospect for Louis van Gaal. Norwich I don't know much about, but I know it must be one of the biggest pieces of business they have ever done. He needs to have a team that is built around him and plays for him. Then he will score goals for them. Sporting's financial troubles make us sad because we like to beat our opponents when they are strong, not when they are weak. Weak means it is like kicking someone when they are already down.'

Jose Brissos: 'He may not be a very good player now, but he has very good potential for Norwich. He will get better and better. Sporting are not very good at the moment.'

Micael Abdula: 'I think he has some good qualities. I don't know if they are good enough for the Premier League, I guess we will see in the future. Seriously, I don't think he could have a chance to get into our Benfica team because our strikers are better than him I think. But he is a good player and I think in England he can do good things.'

• But last Thursday it was not only Benfica fans curious about RVW's future. Their Europa League opponents Newcastle United had been linked with the Sporting number nine in January…

Kevin Hoggart, Consett: 'He's scored a lot of goals in Portugal and absolutely yes, I wish Newcastle had got him. We need someone else to help out Papiss Cisse up front. You've got to spend money for a striker, and for a top class striker you've got to pay good money. Norwich, maybe they're not quite as big as Newcastle – but there's not much in it. You've got Chrissy Hughton as well, so it's all OK because he bought him! I think he (RVW) will do a job for Norwich. You've got Grant Holt and this is the guy who's going to play off him. All Chrissy's been doing is playing one guy up front at Norwich, so it might just work for you.'

Harry Harty, Kerry: 'There were a few strikers we were going for and out of absolutely nowhere, Norwich have pulled off an absolute coup for £8.5m.

'I would take him at Newcastle absolutely hands down. Some people don't rate it as a good league here, but there are two or three teams that play in the Champions League.

'I think Newcastle have lost out big time. It's sickening. It sickens me each time I think about it. It's a great buy by Norwich. I couldn't imagine Delia forking out that much money.'

Enda Whelan, Kerry: 'You have to buy quality. Even the big clubs, you pay through the teeth for that. You have to put the money out there.

'There will be so much money around next season, Premier League teams can almost buy who they want from Europe. It will be interesting to see what Norwich do next season and how Ricky does. But at the moment, I'd say it's a great buy for the money.'