Transfer window failings left David McNally vulnerable - what Norwich City fans asked in our live Q&A

Lewis Grabban was signed from Bournemouth for around £3.5m in the summer of 2014 and was sold back t

Lewis Grabban was signed from Bournemouth for around £3.5m in the summer of 2014 and was sold back to the Cherries in January 2016 in a deal worth £8m. Picture by Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Norwich City fans and our chief football correspondent Paddy Davitt discuss David McNally's resignation.

Q) Given the pivotal summer we are about to have yet again regarding squad rebuilding, does McNally leaving hinder us again as much as the lack of a scouting team did last summer? He's not exactly given much time to recruit another CEO before the summer window starts. davey

A) It's a good question but then again it would seem player recruitment was one of the main issues why the club look to be heading back to the Championship barring an unexpected turn of events. It certainly brings into question perhaps the role of the football executive board moving forward, although both McNally and Alex Neil made it clear since his arrival the manager has the final say in that area.Paddy Davitt

Q) Big job for whoever is coming in, given the TV money available. Any feeling Paddy for speed of appointment, or is this an out of the blue resignation (bar Saturday evening) to the board? DaveB

A) If you look back at those tweets in light of his exit it suggests it wasn't pre-meditated, as clearly it would have been handled far better. DMcN reached the conclusion two (potential) relegations in three seasons was unacceptable on his watch. But I understand there was no move from the City board to make this change. Paddy Davitt

Q) McNally's resignation makes me feel much less confident about bouncing back than two years ago, I'm now concerned that perhaps it was the board who were holding back the purse strings and McNally was trying to persuade them to loosen them. Your thoughts Paddy? Ozzy

A) For me I never saw any division between board or chief exec on the spending policy. It was always 'we spend what we have and what we generate' mantra. I think we'd all agree January recruitment has not paid off but £23m+ put them in the top five or six clubs in the PL, in terms of outlay during that window. Paddy Davitt

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Q) I just hope that this is McNally saying he has taken the club as far as he can, what he has done for this club should not be overshadowed and he should not be used as a scapegoat for the club and supporters. The behaviour of some fans Saturday night on Twitter was disgraceful. Olly

Paddy do you think AN comments on recruitment after the United game were a thinly-veiled criticism of DM or blame for the football executive board? paulyboy

A) No, I think he was being what he always is. Brutally honest. Maybe too much so at times for his own good. He has spoken publicly previously about his summer transfer frustrations to be fair. Paddy Davitt

Q) Paddy, I took AN's criticisms of last summer's transfer window were more aimed at the shorter period of preparation time due to play-off final rather than a lack of backing financially at board level? Alex Moss

A) Yes, fair point but ultimately you arrive at the same conclusion. They didn't bring in the players they needed, whether that was due to not having the recruitment structure in place or a lack of backing (which certainly wasn't the case). AN said it again on Saturday, they went for targets, they couldn't land them. Paddy Davitt

Q) McNally has done well for us and all NCFC fans should be grateful, but the club has not progressed and the chief exec is ultimately responsible. Change is needed to take the club forward, very different management style needed to bring us back from bankruptcy to that needed to take calculated risks to move club forward. Thoughts?Jonny

A) Very good point. Certainly when you try and put a bit of perspective on the DMcN era for me you have to separate that financial turnaround (which was massive and he was a major part of) from the football side (which you would say was more mixed ie. three promotions, four seasons in PL, two relegations), plus recruitment over a series of windows. Paddy Davitt

Q) Would you say the McNally tweet was a sign of discord between him and the board? Very strange thing to do. Tim Taylor

A) No, I don't think so. Whenever I interviewed him or spoke to him you always got the sense he was very respectful to the owners and desperate to do well for them and the club. I think we have to look at this in the sense that he was the corporate figurehead, a second relegation (it looks like) in three seasons requires some form of responsibility and reaction to that and he has taken the view that he feels it is right to step aside. Paddy Davitt

Q) Paddy - does this leave us with issues for the needed summer squad changes? DerbyCanary

A) I think that was inevitable irrespective of what happened on the corporate side. As has been said already, that squad looks stale and in need of a major refresh. Paddy Davitt

Q) Agree the squad looks stale, but I assume the CEO just buys who the manager / recruitment team ask him to? Mark Newstead

A) To a degree, yes, although the way that Football Executive Board was portrayed it was more of a collective approach until AN arrived and made it clear he had the final say. But it comes back to if the targets are identified then DMcN was the man who had to get them over the line. And that didn't happen last summer. Paddy Davitt

Q) I would like to know who sanctioned the departure of three strikers in January ( Hooper, Lafferty and Grabban ) replacing them with Naismith who has a career average of five goals a season. Was this McNally or Neil? Either way it was madness and has cost us our place in Premiership berks canary

A) I remember AN was very candid at a fans' forum before Xmas, I think, in saying neither Lafferty or Hooper in his opinion would do the job at PL level. Grabban was always going to go one way after the Rotherham AWOL incident. Paddy Davitt

Gary Hooper wasn't played regularly by Hughton or Adams either. Not a lone striker. Would have been out-powered by most Premier League defenders in a lone role. CDK

Having Hooper in the Championship would have been quite handy. We only got reportedly a small fee for him (£2m?) Poor business! Marknemo

Q) Given that we need a big cash injection to replace the deadwood on the pitch what are the thoughts on owners selling the club to a cash-rich owner? I have full respect in both and what they have done but to compete we need investment and lots of it. Deano

A) Albeit they rarely say anything publicly nowadays I think they have been quite consistent in the past, and they clearly have the best interests of the club at heart so if those potential scenarios were credible then you would expect them to look at it. Paddy Davitt

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