The age of the �50 away ticket arrives for Norwich City fans

The age of the �50 ticket has arrived for Norwich City's travelling fans after admission prices were confirmed for their Premier League game at Chelsea.

City supporters going to Stamford Bridge on Saturday, August 27, must pay �50 or �47 for an adult ticket. The price is �23.50 for over-65s and under-16s.

The Canaries have started taking written applications for the match, their second away fixture on their return to the top flight.

Higher admission prices are an inevitable consequence of City's return to the Premier League, with Chelsea bound to be one of the most expensive afternoons out.

The leader of one City supporters' organisation believes Chelsea's prices are 'outrageous' – though he still plans to attend the game.

Neville Townsend, chairman of Forces2Canaries, the group for members and ex-members of the armed forces, said: 'I think they are outrageous prices and they are exploiting fans, but they're Chelsea, they can get away with it. They are trying to price out the average fan.

'Whether you can afford it depends on your circumstances. If you're 18 or you're on a restricted income, it's very difficult. I do feel very sorry for people.

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'For the Chelsea game, a friend of ours is coming back from Korea so we earmarked that as an away trip – it's more of an occasion. But had he not been coming back I might have had to think twice. By the time you've paid train fare and the rest you're talking about �100 for the day.'

Townsend said Premier League ticket prices may make some fans more selective about which games they attend.

'They may go to Wigan and not Chelsea, or Chelsea but not Wigan,' he said.

'I know it's a completely different sport, but I went to Chelmsford the other week for the Twenty20 and saw three hours' cricket for �21.'

But Robin Sainty, acting chairman of Norwich City Independent Supporters' Association, believes �50 is a price many travelling fans are prepared to pay when they visit bigger clubs.

'I've done a little bit of research and it does appear that Chelsea are particularly expensive, but inevitably they are going to charge top dollar,' he said.

'I understand that at Arsenal it may only be about �35 and at Bolton it could be as low as �20.

'It's a tricky subject and there has been a lot of debate. I suppose what it comes down to is if that's what clubs are going to charge, you either stump up or stay at home and moan about it.

'There is not much we can do. I have already put in for my Chelsea tickets and will willingly pay the money because I want to watch Norwich at one of the best grounds against one of the best teams.

'Unfortunately, that is the way the game is going. The days of football being a working-class game are long gone as a lot of working-class people can't afford to go.'

Higher prices at Chelsea may be balanced by the fact it is one of the season's shortest journeys.

'The London games are not so expensive to travel to, but then the cost of everything once you get to London is that much higher,' said Sainty. 'You have to balance your desire to watch City, how much it is going to cost and who the opposition are. Perhaps at certain clubs it's a bit more palatable. Would I pay �50 to watch City at Chelsea? Absolutely. 'Would I pay more than that to watch them at Queens Park Rangers? Not on your nelly.'

Ticket details for the Canaries' first Premier League game at Wigan Athletic on August 13 have yet to be released, but prices for away fans at some of the other opening day fixtures have been announced.

Liverpool are charging visiting Sunderland fans �44 for adult tickets at Anfield, or �33 for under-16s and over-65s.

Arsenal supporters watching their side's first match at Newcastle must pay an adult price of �36, or �29 for over-65s and full-time students and �21 for under-18s.

On the same day, Fulham will charge Aston Villa fans �35 for an adult ticket, �25 for over-65s and under-21s and �15 for under-16s.

Norwich fans going to Stamford Bridge must pay �50 for an upper tier seat, �47 to sit in the lower tier, or �23.50 for over-65s and under-16s. Written applications close on Thursday, July 28 (5pm), and tickets will be allocated in the following order of priority:

• Away season ticket-holders.

• Season ticket-holders with 10 different away match stubs from the last 12 months.

• Season ticket-holders without stubs and members with 10 different away match stubs from the last 12 months.

• Members without stubs

• Non-members

A ballot will be carried out for any over-subscribed groups.