Swindon Town boss Paolo Di Canio offers own money to keep Norwich City’s Chris Martin

Norwich City's Chris Martin is one of three players that Swindon Town manager Paolo Di Canio has said he is willing to spend his own money on to extend their loan deals.

Martin, along with Tottenham's John Bostock and Charlton's Danny Hollands, have all played their last games for Swindon Town and returned to their parent clubs.

Speaking after his side's 4-0 win over Carlisle on Saturday, Di Canio said: 'I will do everything. I won't talk about the board anymore because I have to be clear. I will do everything to keep them, even put my money in. I'm not joking.

'I will do everything because I am not a passive manager, I will do everything in my power because it's a shame to lose some players in this moment. It's not an attack on anyone, it's a shame.

'To stay fifth in this moment, with one game in hand, with this atmosphere it would be a shame to lose something. I will do everything. If the money is acceptable money to spend, I will spend.

'I don't know - �20,000 or �30,000 – I will put my money in to keep them as long as we can because I care, because I want to win. I have ambition and even if I put in my own money I will try because I want to win.

'It's clear that Danny Hollands wants to stay desperately, Chris Martin wants to stay desperately. Also Bostock, even if he isn't involved, is a quality player.'