Robert Snodgrass focused on Norwich City’s next challenge

Robert Snodgrass wants to be regarded as a man for all seasons, not just the big occasion.

The Scottish international played a pivotal part in Manchester United's downfall last weekend but Snodgrass is not the sort of character to get carried away after taking a circuitous career path to the top.

'The United game is gone now. The buzz will maybe last for a few days but when you get on that training ground on Monday or Tuesday, everything is just about preparing for your next game, Everton, and the way they play,' he said. 'It's the Premier League, it's a rollercoaster, you've got so many highs but so many lows as well. We've experienced some lows this season, the 5-0 at the start of the season wasn't good to open your campaign, but we're bedding in just nicely now.

'You must take massive confidence from the (United) game. We defended as a team. I said in previous weeks it was only a matter of time before it came together, getting used to a new manager, new players coming in. Everything's fitting into place just nicely.'

Snodgrass brackets Everton as a cut above the majority of their Premier League adversaries, even if the Toffees are not quite in United's cultured class.

'Everton are a good bit above us in the league and we're down there because the results at the start of the season weren't as good, but we're on a nice run just now,' he said. 'They're a great side. David Moyes is a terrific manager and he has been first class for them, so we know what to expect, a very tough Everton side. It's tough every week, so we are going to need to be 100pc on the ball.

'We'll take each game as it comes, we won't get complacent. We know what players we have in the team that can damage teams and what players do their duty in defence. When you match all that together, you get a very good, consistent Norwich side. And that's the most important thing, we need to be consistent and take it into the next game.'

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City face a hectic pre-festive spell with midweek trips to Southampton and a Capital One Cup quarter-final date against Aston Villa on the horizon, but Snodgrass is no stranger to potential over-time shifts.

'I played in the Championship where you were playing Saturday, Tuesday almost every week, so for the physical side of things, we'll be ready,' he said. 'If you're called upon you need to be ready. This is what it's all about. There is a fit bunch of lads here who are ready for any games that come their way. Sometimes when you put that hard work in and you get the rewards, you don't feel it. Mentally I think it's quite tough to take when you're putting everything into the game and you're not getting the results. It's going well for us but we need to remember what has got us on this run – it's hard work, endeavour, character, strength in depth, everything you can possibly think.

'You need to leave every single ounce out on that football park if you want to try to get a result in this Premier League and that's what these boys are doing.'