Ricky van Wolfswinkel knows his Norwich City

Ricky van Wolfswinkel impressed Chris Hughton with his knowledge of both the club and his new home city.

Ricky van Wolfswinkel impressed Chris Hughton with his knowledge of both the club and his new home city. - Credit: Press Association Images

Chris Hughton revealed yesterday Norwich City did not have to try the hard sell on new Dutch international club-record signing Ricky van Wolfswinkel.

Hughton spent time with the 24-year-old in Norfolk recently ahead of the Sporting Lisbon striker's summer switch, but van Wolfswinkel already had the full lowdown on his new employers.

'My first impressions were very good, he was very enthusiastic. He knew a lot about the club,' said Hughton.

'I think whether he knew a lot about the club before he had certainly gone to great lengths to make sure he knew all there was to know regarding any potential destination. He knew about the history of this club, where the club had been in recent years and where we wanted to go. It was very good to meet him.

'Ricky will be a significant signing for us. Even if we hadn't done it now you had to be planning at this stage. That is normal. There will be players who have contracts coming to an end, maybe players who have a year left and we would be no different to any other club. Your scouting structure is geared to identifying players right through the season. You have to try and develop as a club and we have made a significant signing.'

City's newest recruit was quoted in the Dutch media earlier this week referring to Hughton's potential summer recruitment policy, but the Norwich boss opted yesterday to place van Wolfswinkel's comments in context.

'I did hear the reports and they are certainly not accurate,' said Hughton, after the Dutchman reportedly suggested the Canaries were also in the market for two wide players and an attacking midfielder.

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'Of course we will very much look to improve the squad. It is probably quite obvious the area we haven't done as well as we would like this season and that is the ability to score goals and win matches.

'It isn't rocket science they are key areas we would be looking 75at. Ricky is an indication of what we wanted to bring in – a forward with a very good goalscoring record. Certainly no specific individuals were spoken about or positions.'

Hughton admitted enticing van Wolfswinkel to England is a real signal of the club's intent.

'A situation arose where there was the possibility to secure his services for next season,' said Hughton. 'Sometimes that doesn't happen and it can't be done until the end of the season or the summer. A lot of occasions these days it can't be done until well into pre-season.

'We have been able to do it a lot earlier and that is a major plus for us. As regards managing expectations, what makes that easier is we have eight big games left to play before we will see a sight of him.

'This is a signing for next season. We have eight games and all our efforts and concentration needs to be for this period of time, but there is no question it is good news that we have been able to do this one early.'